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One-Stop Solution for Localization Management

One-Stop Solution for Localization Management

The world has taken its route towards digitization. It is moving ahead at a rapid pace. Anyone who wants to survive in this competitive world market needs to tighten his belt accordingly. With the dramatic shift that the world has taken, the localization market has gained its strength.  By considering all the advanced requirements, MarsHub initiated a localization platform that provides easier, faster, and more efficient localization management solutions. It’s a 360-degree platform to meet up the masses’ localization needs. Their needs can be fulfilled in an all-in-one platform via services that MarsHub is offering. MarsHub is a landmark venture for gathering Enterprises,  Language Service Providers, and Linguistics. This management platform is providing everything in just a few clicks.

Improving Localization Management for Enterprises:

Improving Localization Management for Enterprises marshub

MarsHub with its featured enriched portal presents solutions to handle multiple projects. From large-scale enterprises to small-scale enterprises, everyone’s requirements would be dealt with. Because this platform has only one sole purpose, i.e., to improve localization management for you.

Localization solution for enterprises, features like bidding, extensive reports, project management, vendor management, and a lot more are added to improve efficiency. Besides, customization of workflows helps you meet individual project needs. Some other features like glossaries, style guides, and language selection ensure the qualitative work. 

MarsHub is providing enormous facilities to the enterprises:

  1. Enterprises can find top-notched LSPs instantly based on their skills.
  2. They can manage multiple projects at the same time which can save their time. 
  3. They can monitor and track the progress to improve productivity. 
  4. By bidding, enterprises can choose according to their resources and budget.

Boosting Professional Efficiency for Language Service Providers:

Boosting Professional Efficiency for Language Service Providers marshub

Have you ever thought about finding clients instantly? All thanks to MarsHub which is offering a one-stop solution for localization management. For instance, this platform provides abundant facilities to heighten the efficiency of Language Service Providers. For this, a cloud-based management system has been blended to make the content quality productive, translucent, time-saving, and portable. Moreover, to improve translation quality and turnaround time, features like Glossaries and Translation Memory are added. Translation memory saves a lot of time and gives qualitative results. Last but not least, they can offer and win projects based on their skills and expertise. So, If anyone is looking for a client or a project, he should not wait. Here you go and contact MarsHub.

Stimulating Business Growth for Professional Linguistics:

Linguistics can easily manage their profile with the help of this linguistic system.

They can list their skills, services, and expertise in a comprehensive way. Most importantly, they can set different rates for different languages. Because it varies from language syntax to syntax. Keep sure that you make a profile according to your expertise because the more attractive your profile is, the more are the chances of being hired. Because LSPs can browse and hire you through your profile.

Enhancing Translation Quality with Integrated tools:

MarsHub’s sole purpose is to provide qualitative localization results for you. And for these promises, this cloud-based localization management platform is enhancing translation quality with integrated MarsCAT.

  • Centralized translation memory will be proved as cost-effective and time-effective. 
  • Translation progress can also be monitored constantly.
  • By all means, glossaries are provided with specifications to keep uniformity.

Centralized Translation Management System:

MarsHub is a centralized system designed to boost accessibility and productivity. It’s a cloud-based translation management system made to avoid language localization hassle. Also, centralization helps accessibility anytime from anywhere. Easy communication, easy accessibility, and a user-friendly system will help you manage your content translation easier than ever before.  This central TMS helps project managers to complete their tasks easily and allows other stakeholders to operate easily. 

Facilitating Project Management Process:

Facilitating Project Management Process marshub

MarsHub is providing unlimited features to facilitate efficient localization project management. The first step in this regard is flexible communication and a smooth collaboration for all the parties. They can communicate for every project through a proper medium. Secondly, customized workflows as per project demand help improve overall efficiency. By using the system, you can get insight transparency which can lead you to monitor your project. Apart, Centralization allows you to track the progress of various ongoing projects simultaneously, anytime you want. 

Apart from the offering, this localization management platform helps the Project Managers to raise their potency. For this, due to cloud-based systems, automated workflows save plenty of time to help to complete the projects. That is how efficient management assists in the fulfillment of tasks on time. It refrains you from missing deadlines.

Contact for more Solutions:

Looking for how to contact us? We are not far from you. We are just one click away. You can contact MarsHub if you have any queries and questions. Feel free to ask because it is an initiative of staying connected in the age of digitization.

Ending Note:

Conclusively, in the era of digitization and internationalization, one has to go with the flow to keep up the balance. All thanks to the localization industry, which has made it possible to understand the multilingual world. Further to make it more feasible, MarsHub has initiated a one-stop solution for localization management. This platform has a goal to bring enterprises, LSPs, linguistics to one platform for their ease and comfort. This platform is giving a chance to vendors, clients, and companies to search for one another according to their requirements. Having a cloud-based localization management system, Translation memory, and embedment of various tools have made this platform flexible, reliable, and effective.

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