One-stop platform for your small & large-scale localization projects

Advanced AI technology combined with human expertise to help your business thrive globally.


AI-powered Translations

MarsHub provides an automated translation tool to all its users. Its powerful algorithms generate high-quality and relevant translations with 100% accuracy.


Automated Payments

Pay with a single type of auto-generated invoice globally. The process of working with the most renowned localization agencies is far cheaper and more transparent.


No Hassle of Multiple Contracts

Simply sign a single contract or send a single purchase order to the language service providers or a linguist to meet all your unique localization needs.


A Centralized Workspace

MarsHub brings together all stakeholders (clients, vendors, and linguists) on a single platform. Here you’ll get complete authority over all localization processes to get quality results.


Worried about the level of for your enterprise? MarsHub got your back

Our powerful security infrastructure would prevent your data from all sorts of breaches and hacking. We never disclose your information to anyone without your permission.


Trusted Cloud Protection

In case your PC is broken, taken, or corrupted by viruses, your information will remain protected and accessible to you in MarsHub's secure cloud storage.


Controlled Workplaces

All activities of internal and external teams are well-regulated and restricted. Separated work areas prevent data leakages as teams are prohibited from seeing each other's confidential information.


Authorized Access to Multiple Apps

We ensure secure authentication between different SaaS applications. So, enterprises can manage all teams and access all services on a single platform.

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