To enable worldwide growth for businesses by overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers.

Our Brands

We offer a complete set of language solutions for Businesses to boost global growth,
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    MarsTranslation is your go-to translation company, with talented and passionate translators around the globe.

    Here, we guarantee high quality and seamless translation solutions with the quickest turnaround, making your global expansion more affordable than ever.

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    Agile localization management platform to boost your productivity.

    MarsCloud is a feature-rich translation management system that supports effective resource management, smart integration and team collaboration to make translation project execution seamless.

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    CCJK is a trusted translation agency that offers industry-specific localization to the world’s leading companies.

    We help our clients build personalized brand experiences for overseas customers with professional localization and translation services.

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    Making your translation work fast and easy with our state-of-the-art translation editor.

    We support professional translators and enterprises to manage high volumes of translation with the quickest turnaround.


One-stop translation management system for fast & effective project execution

AI-powered editor to enhance your translation work efficiency and productivity

Our Ecosystem

Boost your global growth with professional translation services

Translation agency to help companies with translation & localization projects

Industry-Specific Solutions

We have tailored the best translation and localization tools and services for any market. Our comprehensive localization solutions are designed to fulfill your industry specific translation needs. Translators at MarsHub have extensive industrial expertise to translate your documents into multiple languages.


It includes translations for financial reports, tax documents, budgets and forecasts, loan and credit documents, financial contracts, investment documents, etc.

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Information Technology

Information technology

It includes translations for software documentation, system architecture and design, software licensing agreements, technical reports, cybersecurity documentation, user manuals, etc.

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It includes translations for medical records and reports, biotech and pharmaceutical documentation, clinical protocols, biomedical patents, medical device user manuals, medical journals, etc.

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intellectual property

Intellectual property

It includes translations for patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, licensing agreements, intellectual property policies, legal complaints and court filings, settlement agreements, etc.

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Game and Entertainment

Game and Entertainment

It includes translations for game manuals, video game scripts, game design documentation, subtitling and dubbing scripts, soundtrack lyrics, licensing agreements, user guides, etc.

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What Makes Us Unique

MarsHub keeps pushing the envelope, innovating the best localization solutions backed by the newest technology. We have strengthened our R&D team, invested in technology and expanded our range of products and services to deliver genuine value to our clients.

Advanced R&D Capabilities

Our project team employs a critical R&D process to understand the clients’ problems and come up with better localization alternatives. We conduct a detailed analysis of industrial challenges to tailor the most effective solutions, backed by authentic data.

AI-Powered Solutions

MarsHub is a forward-looking company that has designed AI-powered MT engines and editing tools to help our clients streamline their translation operations. MarsMT, and MarsQA are our AI translation solutions integrated into the MarsCloud TMS.

Continuous Innovation

At MarsHub, we create groundbreaking products and keep improving solutions. MarsHub’s skilled team of critical thinkers and problem solvers explores advanced technologies and methods to develop revolutionary localization solution

Industry-Expert Translators

Every translator is hired through a strict recruitment process. Until now, we have had 30,000 translators who are subject-matter experts with 3-5 years of experience in specific industries, covering over 800 language pairs.

Who Are Our Clients?

We develop long-term relationship with our clients