Translation Management System

Centralized Translation Management System

Making translation easy, efficient & economical!

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Secure SaaS System for
Fast & Fluent Translation

MarsHub offers a creatively designed web-based translation management system to help you manage all kinds and sizes of translation projects with enhanced ease.

Real-Time Collaboration

Seamless Communication, High Efficiency

No back and forth emails are required. Vendors, clients, and linguists can communicate with each other in real-time. The TMS allows open discussions and improved collaboration to ensure everyone is on the same page, resulting in better and faster results.

User-Friendly Interface

Easy Navigation, Smooth Operations

Easy navigation and a user-friendly interface help you manage your translations easier than ever before. From team management to project management, progress tracking to invoicing, everything is made easy for you.

Cloud-Based Platform

Quick Access, Anytime Anywhere

The top language services providers can access this cloud-based translation management system from anywhere, anytime. With 24/7 accessibility, the platform allows you to integrate your existing systems without any hassle.

Best Translation Management System to Improve Efficiency

Team Management

Efficient Management, Improved Results

This professional translation management system helps complete your translation projects faster, easier, and without any trouble. Manage your teams for multiple projects at the same place and leverage multi-role support to use different features.

Translation Tools

Integrated Tools to Enhance Productivity

Centralized translation-memory helps to optimize cost and turnaround, for all your translation projects and an easily manageable glossary helps maintain consistency throughout the translated content, making localization project management easy.

Centralized Translation System

Greater Control, Quality Results

Unlike other simple enterprise translation software , our Translation Management System is organized to help bring all stakeholders to one platform. Using the platform as a Client, Vendor, PM, or Linguist, you will have control over the process to get quality results.

Custom Workflows

Customization as Per User

MarsHub, a cloud-based localization platform features an advanced TMS system that allows you to customize workflows for individual projects, as per your requirements. Thus, you can tailor workflows as and when needed to improve the overall efficiency.