Get your documents translated in 5 simple steps

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Create a new project

Create your project simply by filling in the required fields. Drag and drop services to create your custom workflow.

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Upload your files for translation/ localization

Upload your documents to be translated and add reference files if available.

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Find the best linguists/ vendors to assign the job

Assign different tasks under each project to different vendors/linguists.

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Pay the invoice once you get the job done

Get your content translated seamlessly and pay the invoice using any of our available payment methods.

Manage Your Document Translation Projects with MarsHub

We have everything you need for faster, easier, and more economical document translation management!


Supports AI-based machine translation

Get your content translated seamlessly and pay the invoice using any of our available payment methods.


Easy management of translation resources

The platform allows you to create, update and manage your translation resources for different projects. These can include style guides, glossaries, and TMs.


Find top-rated translators/LSPs

Choose from a range of native translators and known language service providers. You can hire any of them, build your own team, and get your content translated flawlessly!


Translation memory to save cost & time

Use translation memory to ensure consistent use of vocabulary throughout the content and cut down the completion time and translation cost.


Advanced TMS to accelerate the process

MarsHub offers a centralized translation management system to help make the entire document translation process easy, efficient, and fast.


Constant monitoring of project progress

This cloud-based platform offers 24/7 access anywhere and you can monitor the progress of each project whenever you want to.