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10 Proven Tips to Get More App Downloads

10 Proven Tips to Get More App Downloads

Mobile apps have become a major part of our lives. From booking a cab to ordering food online, mobile apps literally make your everyday tasks easier. Do you know, there are more than 2.56 million apps available on the Google Play Store alone? And, on the Apple Store, you can find 2 million apps to download. It’s kind of insane.

You can find many innovative, intelligent, and useful apps on app stores. There is a high demand in the market for smart apps. But the competition is even higher. Creating a cutting-edge app is not as difficult as making people download your app. No matter how intuitive your app is, how much value it adds, or how amazingly it is designed, it can still be a failure.

At the end of the day, you have to make people download your app to cash your efforts. So, the question here is, what makes an app go viral and get millions of downloads?

Well, there are many factors you have to consider to make your app a worthwhile candidate on app stores. In this article, I am going to share with you 10 proven tips to make more people download your app.

How To Get More Downloads on Your App?


Conduct A Thorough Competitors’ Analysis 

You must keep an eye on the competitors whose apps are doing well. Conducting a competitor’s analysis would allow you to get an insight into what tactics other competitors are using to get more downloads. All you have to do is to make a list of your top competitors and evaluate their monetization models, pricing strategy, reviews, and how they are marketing their app. Having a detailed review of competitors would give you an idea about what your app is lacking and how you can improve the ranking of your app by addressing those areas.

Knowing your competition is also a great help to make your app’s identity stronger and provide your user with some extra value to what other app providers are already offering.

Build Your App Persona 

To target the right users, you have to smartly build your app persona. Knowing your user’s demographics and interests would help you design your app accordingly. For example, which age group you are targeting, what is the income of your user, what they do, what are their interests, etc. these are some important questions to ask yourself while building your app persona. The persona of your app should resonate with your ideal user’s persona.

Do App Store Optimization 

Most users use the search tool to find the apps they are looking for. Making your app appear on top of the app store search results can get you more downloads. For this, you have to optimize your app for the app store. Just the way Search Engine Optimization (SEO) affects your Google search result, App Store Optimization (ASO) affects the app store search results. ASO allows your app to get easily searched by new users, who are your ideal users. Getting your app optimized would give you a competitor’s advantage over all other apps that are not ASO friendly. Higher app rankings would have a significant impact on your downloads.

Invent In Localization 

Mobile app localization is also an important factor that can get you more downloads around the globe. Most app owners totally ignore it, which hinders them to get more global users. You should localize the content of your app for every country and translate it to their native language. Your app should be translated into the languages of the regions where you want to launch it; the countries where you think people would love to download it.

Well, using free translation tools like Google translators is not something recommended. Translations generated by free tools are mostly out-of-context and can make your content completely lose track of the original messages that you want to convey. Moreover, localization is not just limited to translation, but it has a lot to do with the design and code of your app. If you want to launch this app in the global marketplace, make sure your developers are using Unicode. It allows your app to get easily adapted to your foreign user’s interest. Similarly, you have to modify the design and layouts of your app as a part of localization.

Choose Right Keywords 

Choosing the right keywords would have a huge impact on your app downloads. By conducting detailed market research, you can use relevant targeted keywords used by your targeted users who are looking for a solution that you are offering. While selecting the name of the app, make sure to also use the keyword that your app is about. For instance, if you have created a translation app, using a name like “translation hub” makes your app rank high. Moreover, you should use targeted keywords in your app description as well, so your app search algorithm would know exactly what your user is looking for.

There are many keywords search tools, both free and paid, that you can use for this purpose. It will take some time, but would significantly enhance your app rankings on app stores.

Introduce Referral Program 

It is also an intelligent way to win more new app users. Nothing really beats word-of-mouth marketing. No matter how many times your user comes across your app’s ads during their YouTube video, they would still prefer downloading the one recommended by their friend.

Referral programs will get you more word-of-mouth because they allow you to motivate your existing users to share your app with their friends, family, and acquaintances. For every new signup made using the user-provided link, they would get a reward, which can be monetary. It is like making your users your brand ambassadors, that too without spending a lot of effort and money. This tactic would work very well for you if you are already providing a good app experience to existing customers.

Give Discounts 

Offering discounts along with good services is the quickest way to get the attention of your potential app user. It is a wonderful marketing tool that would bring in more business and enhance your bottom line.

If you are launching a paid app on the app store, you should offer your user some discount to make it seem like a good deal to them. It is a smart strategy to significantly increase your app downloads. For instance, if you are a gaming app, you can offer your user some incentives (discount) for hitting a new milestone.

Try Influencers Marketing 

Almost every business is using the influencer market these days because of its high influence on your targeted customers. You can try it out for your app promotions as well. You can contact social media influencers that your users are watching and ask them to review your app. It is never recommended to do fake or paid reviews. People spend hours watching online stuff every day, they are intelligent enough to detect a fake or honest review, you can’t fool them for sure. Ask your influencer to be honest about what they think about your app and why they would like to use it.

When your app is reviewed and recommended by an influencer, it gets social proof, and it would make more people download it. Make sure you are choosing the right influencers based on your app specifications.

Do Smart Pricing 

There are already a lot of free apps on app stores, so if you are charging too much for yours, you will never be able to get more downloads. To make your mobile app successful, you have to look at the bigger picture. For the first app launch, your focus should be on getting more downloads, and positive reviews from the users. You have to wait for some time until your app brings in some money. Keep checking your user analytics, so you know what areas need improvement.

Once you get sufficient numbers of downloads, and people are already loving your app, this is the right time to monetize it. Keeping the core features of your app free, now you can add paid premium versions. So, your user can pay to use the extra app features. If your app is actually adding value to users’ lives, or it is solving their problem, they will definitely don’t mind paying you for it.

Well, every app has its own business model based on its value proposition. The free version might not work for all apps. It is your job to figure out how you want to monetize it smartly, so you are not charging people too much depending on the value you are providing.

Market It Well 

Marketing is very important to make your app visible to maximum audiences. Social media marketing is the best way you can promote your app in a more cost-effective way. Social media marketing would get your app more eyeballs, and people can easily access it through their social media. For this, you can create a dedicated YouTube channel for your app, where you can teach your users how to use this app, how to get a discount, how to upgrade to the premium version, how to win a reward, etc.

Similarly, you can create a Facebook page just the way you would create for a business. This platform would allow you to target your desired users and enhance the online presence of your app. The aim of marketing is not just to promote your app to users but to add a valuable meaning to it. You should make sure that your brand voice is consistent across all social media platforms, it would allow you to build a strong brand image in the market. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn are some social media platforms to engage with more users.

Wrapping Up!

This article has discussed some tips and best practices to enhance your app downloads and increase its online presence. When it comes to mobile apps, competition is very high, and it won’t be that easy to get more downloads. You have to market it properly, use the right keywords, price it smartly, localize your app, and gain some positive reviews to make it work in this highly competitive marketplace.

Try out the tips mentioned above, and you will see some amazing results happening!

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