Project Management

MarsHub - A Magic Wand for Project Managers

Advanced platform with unlimited features to facilitate efficient localization project management.

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How MarsHub Improves
Project Management Process

The intuitively designed platform is made to simplify the whole translation project management process, providing more ease and better results for localization project managers.

Improved Collaboration marshub
Improved Collaboration

Real-Time Communication

The start-of-the-art web-based translation management system enables easy communication and smooth collaboration with team members and all stakeholders for every project.

Seamless Integration

Integrate Your Existing Systems

Seamless integration of your already existing localization processes to a cloud-based centralized platform.

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Quick Scalability -marshub
Quick Scalability

Customize as per Project Requirements

Customize workflows, add or remove tasks quickly as and when needed, and allocate resources as per different project requirements.

Fostering Translation
Quality with MarsHub

This language service provider platform is made to help you get the most out of every project. Using this, you can deliver high-quality results for every localization project as we offer end-to-end visibility and centralization.


Ensure High Consistency

A vast collection of termbases and centralized translation memory helps PMs to deliver high-quality and consistent translations for every project. The TMs are easy to maintain and are constantly updated, making it the best linguistic software.


High Visibility into Translation Process

The enterprise software localization a combination of Translation Management and Business Management solutions, helping PMs to identify estimated ROI for different types of projects as per the type of content and language pairs.

Boosting Productivity
for Project Managers

Using this multi-functional platform, you can manage your projects seamlessly with enhanced ease as it helps to manage multiple projects simultaneously improving overall productivity!

Saves Times

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Automated workflows save a significant amount of time to help complete projects and improve functional efficiency.

Cuts Down Cost

Reduce Cost with TMs

The translation memory helps to lower the overall cost for every translation task, as every phrase saved in the TM is not charged.

Manage Your Deadlines

Meet Tight Deadlines

Efficient management helps to deliver every project in time, ensuring you don’t miss any deadline.

24/7 Access Makes Management Easy

The localization management system makes management easy by enabling 24/7 access. You can track progress anytime, anywhere!


Manage Teams Across The Globe

Being able to access the system from anywhere in the world, you can remotely manage your teams working on different projects all across the globe.


Track Progress Anytime!

The 24-hour accessibility enables you to track the progress of multiple ongoing projects simultaneously, anytime you want!