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Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Translating your content requires extensive research, good linguistic skills, and a lot of hard work & resources. As we know, global businesses need volumes of translations in multiple languages to cope with the demands of global markets. When it comes to translating business content, companies would either hire in-house translators, or partner with translation agencies. However, it would require a lot of money, and resources. Moreover, it’s hard for new startups and young companies to afford a full-fledged translation team or hire an agency. Having professional translation tools would help them get away with day-to-day translation tasks effortlessly.

So, what should these businesses do to make their global strategy work?

Fortunately, now we have remarkable translation tools and resources available online that can help in generating bulks of content and managing translation projects effortlessly. Even the big companies now use TMS, CAT, and machine translation tools for translation project management. In this post, we’ll share some amazing translation tools, systems, and resources that you must use to effectively manage translation projects.

No more Traditional Translation Management

Traditional file management is not just complicated, but also prone to errors and mistakes that badly affect the content quality. When you have advanced tools and systems by your side, it not just automates your translation process, and eliminates errors, but also reduces workloads on your team.

Best Tools and Resources for Translation Project Management

Managing translation projects has become easier as technology evolves. Many advanced tools are available online that enable translators to quickly generate high-quality translations without compromising on quality. Following are some amazing tools and resources that you can use for efficient translation project management.

Top 5 online Translation Tools

Generate high-quality and quick translations through these open-source online translation tools. These tools would help you get away with your translation challenges and allow you to eliminate the language barrier between you and your customers.

Google Translator

It is one of the most famous and used online translation tools. It is a free tool that you can easily use from a web browser or mobile phone. Using this tool, you can translate your content to almost any language. Google Translator also has an auto-detection feature that allows users to work in multiple languages. With this tool, you can easily and quickly get your documents translated into almost every language.


It is a high-end content translation app that allows you to translate any text into 90 different languages. iTranslator is an Android app that is known for its translation speed and fast results. It is a free app that you can also use in offline mode. Moreover, it has many advanced features that allow you to get more relevant results.


It is a well-known translation tool that provides users with an online search engine dictionary. It enables you to search for the meaning of any text, or expression in multiple languages. With the help of this tool, you can easily translate any web page on the internet. Linguee adds conjunction with Google images to make the whole process easier for translators.

Yandex Translate

It was launched in 2011 and is known to be one of the best Android and iOS apps available for translation. Yandex Translate is a big competitor of Google Translate, and it allows users to translate content into 94 languages. You can use this tool to translate web pages and documents into multiple languages. It comes with many features to help internet users get the meaning of the words. You can also use this tool online for better web searches.

Bing Translator

It is an amazing tool that helps you translate speech in real-time. You can use this tool online and translate your content into multiple languages. Bing Translator provides accurate translations of web pages, textual documents, words, sentences, etc. if you are looking for a hassle-free way to get your content translated then you should consider using this tool. It also enables users to translate spoken words into 9 different languages.

Top 5 Translation Management System (TMS)

Your translation management system should contain all the right functions that you may need to fulfill your translation project. The following are some professional TMS tools that would make your translation project management super easy and hassle-free.


It is a user-friendly, efficient, and economical TMS tool designed for language service providers, global businesses, and individual freelancers. It is a cloud-based centralized translation management system that offers fast and fluent translations. Regardless of the size and kind of translation project you have to manage, this TMS supports your global business expansion and helps your brand resonate with foreign audiences.

MarsHub TMS also provides seamless and secure communication between translation teams and reduces the need to send excessive emails. Teams can collaborate in real-time overall multiple projects to achieve better results.


It is an excellent translation management system that allows global enterprises and agencies to generate large volumes of content in the fastest turnaround time. The advanced translation memory uses the previously done translation as a reference point for future translations that makes your TMS wiser over time. It also contains a content management system that makes the translation less time-consuming.

The versatile nature of this TMS tool makes global expansion smoother for enterprises. You can easily enhance your translation volume over time to fulfill your business growth needs.


Transifex is a remarkable TMS tool that enables your business expansion through the localization of content to multiple languages. It is a cloud-based TMS which makes it a suitable choice for businesses that have translators working at remote locations. It provides the project managers complete control over the project, and they can easily detect the activities of all translators working on the projects.

Transifex also allows markets to create a personalized multilingual user experience. Moreover, it also enables the developers to automate the whole localization process. So, you can use this tool for a wide range of purposes, and you can translate almost every type of content using this TMS.


Crowdin is a cloud-based localization solution that allows translation teams to collaborate on multiple translation projects. It streamlines the localization process through professional translation and localization tools. Being a cloud-based TMS, allows you to stay connected with your team members, even if you are working from remote locations.


It’s a full-fledged translation management system designed to support language service providers and global enterprises to effectively manage their everyday translation tasks. It covers all TMS tools features, including translation memory, to ensure successful translation management. You can easily train your translators to use this tool because it has a very user-friendly interface. It also has a powerful content management system that promotes automated workflows and quick translation management operations. You can easily use this Memsource app on your smartphone, or tablet.

Top 5 CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) Tools

Below are mentioned the most versatile CAT tools that contain advanced features that would help you effectively manage your heavy translation loads without compromising on quality.

SDL Trados Studio

It is a highly suggested CAT tool for full-time translators and translation agencies. This tool would not generate direct translations but assist your translators to manage large volumes of translation projects in the fastest turnaround time. It includes a lot of features, such as machine translation, translation management, translation memory, localization, etc. The translation agencies that want to increase their client base can consider using this tool for effective translation management.


It is a popular online CAT tool used by translation companies and enterprises around the world. This tool is designed to enhance the work efficiency of human translators. MarsCAT streamlines the translation process and optimizes the workflow for effective translation project management. It is a cloud-based tool that allows you to collaborate with team members regardless of their location. Advanced translation memories, glossaries, and quality assurance tools have made translation management easier than ever before. 

Fluency Now

It is a powerful CAT tool designed for individual translators. You can use it on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. It is also a useful CAT tool for organizations that want to handle multiple translation management projects simultaneously. Fluency Now also has proofreading software that removes all potential mistakes and ensures the high quality of translated content.


SmartCAT is a remarkable CAT tool used by translation companies and global enterprises to streamline their translation projects. This tool allows translators, editors, and other team members to collaborate on multiple translation projects in real-time. With a user-friendly interface, this CAT tool enables your translators to effortlessly perform everyday operations faster. This CAT tool is a great option for translators who have to work on mixed language pairs.


It provides freelancers and global businesses with a computer-aided translation environment for effective translation management. To make the translations resonate with your brand, it uses the previously approved content for guidelines and reuses it to generate new translations. This way, it enhances the translation speed as well. It is a reliable and easy-to-use tool that can go along with any business setup.

Other Useful Translation Resources

The Free Dictionary

It is a useful online resource that provides you with a free dictionary. This dictionary is available in different languages that also have treasures and encyclopedias. Here you would have free access to financial, medical, and legal dictionaries. This dictionary provides an encyclopedia of different languages, such as French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, etc.


This online portal allows you to meet professionals and experts, exchange ideas with them, ask them for help, and learn from their experiences. If you want to hire any translation service provider then this is a good place to consider. Here people keep discussing work-related issues and other matters that can help you deal with several technical issues.


It is a well-known online dictionary established in 1997. Freelang is a growing dictionary, and thousands of internet users extensively use it. It is also an amazing tool where you would get free translations, free dictionaries, and a lot of other resources required for translation, or learning a new language.


Summing up the discussion, we can say that there are many online tools, and resources available that have made translation management faster and easier. Now you can generate high-quality content in a matter of minutes with minimal human intervention. Most tools and resources are free to use, so they won’t be heavy on your pockets. The best things about these tools are that you can now manage your translation project more efficiently without putting in a lot of effort, time, and money.

If you are thinking about your global business expansion, or want to enhance your client base, these tools and resources can help you get away with all the translation project management challenges.

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