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Why Should You Localize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Why Should You Localize Your Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Every business needs a robust marketing strategy in place to maximize its return on investment. The primary purpose of marketing is to make your brand more visible to targeted customers, making it look more desirable. Digital marketing campaigns enable businesses to deliver their brand voice to targeted customers and increase their sales. However, your marketing campaigns should resonate with your targeted audiences to achieve the required results. 
The marketing campaigns that are doing well in your local market might not work out in the foreign marketplace. This is why you need to localize your marketing campaigns, keeping in mind all cultural and linguistic aspects, to make them relatable to your foreign customers. 
The aim of localization, in general, is to eliminate all language and cultural barriers by adapting your business to the specific interests of audiences. This article talks about the significance of localizing digital marketing campaigns for global businesses.


What are Localized Digital Marketing Campaigns?

In simple words, localizing the digital marketing campaigns is the process of adapting your marketing message to the specific interest, cultural values, and linguistics of potential audiences. Localization goes hand in hand with your global business expansion goals. You have to deeply understand your customers’ buying behaviors and other factors that are likely to affect their purchase decision. The cultural differences, social interests, and geographical aspects have a huge impact on how your audiences will perceive your brand. Just like you need to localize your brand website, app, and overall content, your marketing message should also be localized to fit the criteria of diversified marketplaces.
Having your brand localized would also give you a competitor’s edge over other businesses that are not localized. Therefore, to develop a lasting relationship with your customers, you have to personalize your campaigns to their unique demands. 

Benefits of Localizing Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Growing your business to an international marketplace comes with a lot of challenges. Competition is getting tougher everywhere. Businesses are looking for novel ways to build their brand’s credibility globally, and localizing your marketing campaigns is best of all. Let’s have a look at some perks of localizing your marketing campaigns, and why it is essential to increase your global sales. 

  • Make Your Market Entry Easier

Businesses are struggling to get into foreign markets, to expand their customer base, but it doesn’t happen by chance. For this, you should know your audience’s interests and address their needs in the best way possible by making the right expansion decisions. To enter a new marketplace, you have to understand their culture, law & regulations, language, etc. As we know that marketing has a lot to do with the psychology of people, which varies for every region. You have to adapt your marketing campaigns to the mindsets and emotions of the people that you are targeting. And this is why we do localization. 
Localizing your marketing campaigns would make a market entry smoother and help you make your place in the marketplace faster. You can use a localization solution for this purpose; it would save your time & efforts with its agile workflows. 

  • Get You More Eyeballs

For making your brand successful, you have to make it more visible to the targeted audiences. To seek the attention of maximum audiences, you first have to create brand awareness. When people know about your brand, they are more likely to respond to all marketing messages that you are sending out. You should make sure that your brand message is clearly delivered to the targeted audiences. For this, you must adapt your message in a way that resonates with your potential customers. 
For instance, you must translate the marketing campaign message to the native language making it seem relevant to your audiences. You should also make your marketing message locally searchable by using native keywords, it will get your marketing campaigns visibility on Google.

  • Build Your Brand’s Credibility

As we know that customers are more likely to buy from a brand that seems native. Because it is easier to relate oneself to the native brands, that is why people don’t hesitate to buy from them. Of course, localizing your marketing campaigns would require some extra time and resources, but your efforts will be worth it. Localization will help you attach the right attributes to your brand that can better grab the attention of customers. 
Understanding the core psychologies of your targeted groups, you have to adapt your marketing campaign accordingly. Hiring a localization partner can help you in this matter. Professional localization experts understand the global market and they can guide you better on choosing the right communication channel. They will also help you modify the marketing message in a way that would build your brand’s credibility. 

  • Your Brand Blends in Local Culture

Culture is probably the most important thing to consider while launching your marketing campaign to any new market. Ignoring the cultural aspect can badly impact your brand image, and sometimes the consequences are even worse than that. For instance, in the Middle East, there are strict punishments on ads depicting cultural taboos. Understanding the cultural values of your targeted groups would give you an idea about how you should design your campaigns. The purpose of localization is to make your brand blend in with the native culture of your audiences. 
For the localization job, make sure you are contacting the right people who not just know the language of the targeted country but are also aware of all cultural aspects and other beliefs that can influence your brand reputation. 

  • Enhance Targeted Customer’s Experience

The customer’s experience with your brand has already begun when they first came across your brand on TV, social media, or a billboard. How you represent your brand, what marketing efforts you are putting in, and what are specific customers’ needs you’re catering, all add up to the experience of your customer with the brand. Localizing your marketing campaigns would not just involve the translation of marketing copies, but the whole design of your marketing ad will be modified including images and videos. So, it is important to get your localization done by some professional LSP, who will focus on optimizing your customer’s brand’s experience and help you better connect with your audiences. 

  • Better Search Results

Not getting your marketing campaign localized also affects its Google visibility. Even if your campaign is ranking higher for local search results, you still need to put some extra effort to rank it higher in the foreign market as well. For this, you have to ensure that the keywords you are adding to the marketing message are also relevant to the foreign audience, otherwise, you can’t rank your brand globally. You should do research on local keywords for all targeted regions to optimize your search engine rankings for every country. When your marketing campaigns are optimized, it is obvious that they will be getting more eyeballs on Google. 
One more thing to note is, localizing the keywords doesn’t mean you have to translate the keywords to the native language. It means you have to conduct separate keyword research for every region because localization has to do more with audiences’ interests and cultural differences. 

  • Better Customer Relationship

Building a long-lasting relationship with your customers is what is going to help your business succeed in the foreign marketplace. Localization will allow you to adapt your brand and marketing efforts to the needs and expectations of native audiences. For this, you should have a deeper understanding of your audiences’ mindsets and what they care for. Native content always grabs the attention of customers because they feel connected with the brand message. Marketing campaigns localization helps you build stronger connections with your customers and this will give you a competitor’s advantage. 

  • Increase Conversion Rates

For global businesses, just knowing your audiences is not enough to enhance sales. Understanding their culture, languages, dialects, tax regulations, and other factors are also important to consider. Localizing your business makes it easier for you to drive more potential leads through the sales funnel. When you localize your marketing campaigns, there would be no geographical or cultural barriers getting in your way, which makes the success of your business even more certain. Translating your marketing message, along with other localization elements will help you enhance your customer’s experience, increasing your sales. 

Example of Digital Marketing Campaigns localization

  • Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola keeps experimenting with its marketing campaigns, and its primary focus is on making its brand look native. For instance, to increase sales and enhance customer engagement, Coca-Cola researches the popular first names in a market and prints them on their bottles. It allows the customers to feel more connected with the brand and it also encourages them to buy. Similarly, in China, Coca-Cola printed the famous celebrities’ pictures on their canes along with translating the content to their language. This marketing campaign also turned out very well and allows the brand to grow its share in foreign marketplaces.

  • Netflix

This company very well knows how to get your attention through smart localization of their marketing campaigns. From the language translation and app themes to movie suggestions on the home page, everything is modified to the interest of different targeted groups. They are using advanced tools that not just translate the apps and UI designs but also alter the subtitles and buddings. Netflix is focusing more on global audiences with its localization effects, rather than just appealing to the United States masses. In the past ten years, Netflix has successfully localized its marketing campaigns all around the world. 


Big companies like Coca-Cola and Netflix can be great inspiration for you, as they have come a long way through their intelligent marketing campaign localization. Businesses that really want to grow globally should invest more time in improving their location-based localization techniques. 
Marketing localization would help your brand build a robust identity in the foreign marketplace, which would lead to a higher ROI. Localizing your marketing efforts promotes organic company growth and helps you reach out to wider audiences. So, you should better get your hands on localizing the marketing campaigns, and the results will amaze you!

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