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High-Quality Video Translations in 230+ Languages

No more manual hassle and exhausting file management. Here you can easily organize your video files and customize the task workflow as per your needs.



Enhance your video accessibility to wider audiences by adding subtitles into multiple languages, or original-language captions. It will make your video watchable for foreign audiences, deaf and hard-to-hearing individuals. With MarsHub, you can integrate your video editing tools to easily synchronize your subtitles with videos.



Index and rank your videos high on search engines by creating SEO- friendly transcriptions. SEO-friendly transcripts in multiple languages would impact your viewership significantly. Effectively manage video transcripts with native keyword phrases to boost your video ranking in different regions.



Professional video-voice overs in multiple languages and accents for every region. Discover the right talent to do voice-overs for your promotional brand videos. Choose your language, accent, and voice preferences (male/female), and get your video voice-overs managed by professionals from around the world.


Why Choose MarsHub for Video Translation Management?


MarsHub is your one-stop translation and localization management platform packed with advanced project management features. From design adaption to functional modifications to your website, app, or software, You can easily manage all sorts of localization tasks. We allow you to integrate third-party design and development tools to localize your brand seamlessly without leaving the platform.

Yes, MarsHub supports third-party integrations. You can integrate apps or software with MarsHub and directly use their features through our platform. This way, you can manage your localization project from one place without leaving the platform. It would help you eliminate errors from your outcomes and save more time.

With MarsHub, you can easily manage your translation tasks parallel to development and design modifications. It allows you to have a more holistic approach toward your localization project management that leads to higher work efficiency and reduces the time to market. MarsHub is an all-in-one tool designed to help enterprises have a seamless and continuous localization journey.

The platform does not charge any extra fee for localizations. You just have to pay for task management and analytics resources. Apart from the subscription fee of MarsHub, the localization cost depends on the third-party apps you are using and the vendors you get on board for localization task management.

MarsHub provides support for plenty of third-party apps and tools, and we keep adding new ones. You can also ask for custom integration if the platform does not already support your third-party tools.

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