MarsHub Since 2002 – An Overview of the Company’s Objectives, Achievements, Expertise, and Core Philosophy
Posted By Muhammad Abdullah

MarsHub Since 2002 – An Overview of the Company’s Objectives, Achievements, Expertise, and Core Philosophy

The MarsHub group of companies is committed to providing professional localization and translation solutions to global businesses. Since our inception in 2002, we have been working toward facilitating business expansions into new markets with our refined localization solutions. 

We have structured an ecosystem of companies offering the best quality translation services and tools to international clients. From large-scale enterprises to small businesses, companies of all sizes and scopes trust us with localization. We understand the significance of clear communication across different languages and cultures and have designed solutions that eradicate communication barriers and allow brands to seamlessly scale in global markets. 

We stay ahead of the curve and have always offered advanced solutions to our clients that will help them cope with the tech-oriented business landscape.

MarsHub Mission – 

“To facilitate global business expansion by providing a complete set of language solutions.”

Highlights of the Company’s 20 Years of Impact 

  • Delivered future-proof translation and localization services tailored to effectively meet the unique needs of each client. 
  • Successfully established a solid presence in international markets, expanding our client base and geographic reach.
  • Leveraged state-of-the-art technologies and methodologies to enhance efficiency and quality. 
  • Built long-term alliances with clients by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions in the quickest turnaround time. 
  • Expanded our global presence to new markets and industries, utilizing the best business growth approaches. 
  • Maintained ethical standards, integrity, and transparency in all our business operations and client interactions.

MarsHub Growth Rate (2016-2022)

MarsHub Growth Rate

Market Credibility & Achievements – 

World’s Top Organizations Trust Us with Their Localization Needs

Over the period of two decades, the company has steadily built a strong reputation as a reliable service provider in the translation industry. We adopted a client first approach and delivered results that led to high client retention rates. 

MarsHub has not just survived in the highly competitive translation industry but has also maintained its credibility in the market. Following are the factors that have contributed to our success as a renowned translation service agency in the global marketplace.

Built Innovative Translation Tools

MarsHub’s continuous focus on technological innovation has also hugely contributed to our credibility in the realm of translation tools. We have built MarsCat (CAT tool) and MarsCloud (TMS) tools to enable global enterprises and translators to seamlessly go about their translation operations. All our tools are designed meticulously to allow enterprise and LSPs scale in foreign markets through optimizing translation processes, enhancing productivity, and streamlining everyday translation workflows. 

Our Clients Success Stories 

MarsHub’s success is intricately connected to the success of its clients. We have worked with the world’s leading companies from diverse industries, and helped them overcome language barriers with our certified translation services and tools. Some of our major clients are as follows:

General Electric (GE)

MarsHub helped General Electronics (GE), a multinational corporation, to enable their expansion into international markets. We provided GE with comprehensive translation services, so that the company’s message could resonate with their local audiences. Our linguistic expertise and industrial insights helped the client enhance their brand presence and drive more customer engagement from foreign regions.


As a leading provider of video surveillance products, Hikvision required precise and error-free translations to support their global operations. MarsHub delivered personalized localized translation services to the client, which enabled seamless communication with customers worldwide. Moreover, our adherence to industry standards allowed Hikvision to scale itself in the global security industry.

Epic Games 

Epic Games is a well-known video game developer and publisher. MarsHub collaborated with them to localize their game content for international audiences. We translated text, dialogues, buttons, and the user interface of their video game into foreign languages, and helped Epic Games increase their global player base and optimize gaming experiences for users speaking different languages. Our translation services, with advanced quality assurance measures, ensured a consistent brand voice across different languages and cultures.


Vivo is a leading smartphone manufacturer, and they contacted us to localize their onsite content and other documents for global markets. Our team of seasoned translators and industry experts provided accurate translations that resonated with Vivo’s diverse user base. We helped the client with their brand recognition on a global scale by adapting Vivo’s messaging for each target market.

Relevant Certifications

We understand the importance of industry certifications as a demonstration of our market authority and our ability to provide high quality results using the best industry practices. 

Industry Best Practices – 

We Adopt a Client-Centric Approach to Enable Smooth Global Business Expansions

1. Clear Communication with the Client from The Beginning

MarsHub focuses on transparent and effective communication with clients right from the early stages of a project. Our close interaction with clients allows us to understand their instructions, objectives, and expectations more efficiently, and design our execution plan accordingly. 

2. Detailed Project Needs Assessment 

Prior to working on any project, we thoroughly evaluate the client’s requirements to identify project scope, linguistic preferences, cultural considerations, and the target audience. It lays the foundation for us to choose suitable localization and translation approaches for each project.

3. Tailored Localization and Translation Solutions 

We offer customized translation and localization solutions to every client, considering their project’s complexity and needs. Our project management approach includes:

  • Dedicated Project Management – We allocate an expert project manager to each project, who is responsible for quality controls, team coordinations, and on time delivery. 
  • Integration of Advanced Technology – We believe in tech-driven human translations and use best-in-class TMS and CAT editing tools to deliver fast and more efficient localization solutions. 
  • Expert Translation Resources – Our team of experienced translators has the language proficiency, industrial expertise, and cultural understanding to provide top-notch translations with precision. 

4. Scalable Resources Deployment 

MarsHub ensures flexible resource allocation that allows us to scale our services according to each project’s requirements, content volume, and scheduled deadlines. Whether it’s a small translation task or a full suite localization project, we assign resources efficiently to meet clients’ demands.

5. Comprehensive Quality Controls 

At MarsHub, we have established a network of companies offering premium quality products and services with diligent quality assurance features that guarantee terminology consistency and conformity with the client’s project guidelines. 

6. Feedback From Client

We get valuable inputs from clients about the project’s KPIs, and observe industry trends to continuously upgrade our localization processes and workflows. It also contributes to our service improvement and ensures the best outcomes for clients.

Our Core Philosophy –

 The Company is Built on 4 Key Principles

  • Quality Service – Everything made easy, fast, and simplified for clients
  • Scalability – Solutions to support global expansions of growing companies
  • Flexibility – Tailored approach for every translation project 
  • Cost Effectiveness – Reasonable pricing options for businesses of all sizes 

MarsHub Vision & Goals – 

To make the world communicate without language barriers.

Our future motive is to:

  • Employ the latest technologies such as AI, neural machine translations, and automation, to streamline translation workflows and improve accuracy.
  • Focus more on building strategic global partnerships to enable international collaboration and mutual learning.
  • Develop industry-specific localization solutions customized for a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, finance, legal, software, and gaming.