Highest Paying Freelance Translation Websites for Translators
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Many people in the world can’t work under any supervision. Therefore, they don’t opt for 9 to 5 jobs. You must be wondering then what they opt for. They opt for freelancing. What is freelancing? It is a different way of working according to your own time and will. They are not employed by any organization and company. Freelancers work like entrepreneurs and find their work from different clients and sources. They can work on different projects simultaneously according to their available time. Moreover, they also determine the amount of work they can do. Many people, despite hiring agencies, hire freelancers to get different services like data entry, SEO, web development, content writing, and graphic designing. Do you want to become a freelancer? For this, you must use your knowledge, translation skills, and attitude to provide good services to the clients and get well paid for it. In the world of translation, freelancing is suitable for you, if you have a passion for language. For the translation job, you can look for Fiverr Gigs because they are very demanding and popular among the communities. You can opt for contract base work from a freelance translation website.

Paying Structure of Freelancers

The income of people varies because of their skills and experience. At present, many competent freelancers are earning a handsome amount. It depends upon all their hard work and dedication that they put in their work. To your surprise, there are approximately 53 million people in the US that are working as freelancers. These people are contributing $715 billion to the US economy. Unlike the USA, in the UK, 1.4 million people have opted for freelancing, and they are contributing £21 billion for their economy. Many people from developing countries like India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan are choosing to freelance as their career, and they are earning a good amount of money from it.

How to Become a Freelance Translator

Do you want to become a freelance translator? If you don’t have any experience, then you should take some time for preparation. First, you should know more than one language. To become a successful freelance translator, you must have the following skills.

  • Good writing skills in both languages.
  • The reading skills to read between the lines.
  • Able to give attention to details.
  • Good knowledge of technology.
  • Have good networking, marketing, and customer services skills to boost the business.
  • Understanding the importance of time.

Many clients want translators to use computer-assisted-translation CAT tool that can break the big translation projects into segments. So that they can save the translated segments into translation memories to enhance productivity.

There is no one method of becoming a professional translator. Many people start their profession with a bachelor’s degree in translation, with no prior experience in the field. Moreover, some people start their careers with other disciplines. How can you select the sector, depending upon the networking with the clients in that specific field? Let’s have a look at some suggestions so that you can start freelancing translation jobs.

  • Start your work with some translations for some volunteer organizations and NGOs and get feedback on their work.
  • A degree only is not essential, but if you have it. It will add value to your work. If you haven’t studied translation officially, then you must learn translation techniques.
  • Do search subject-matter texts and translate them so that you can specialize in specific fields and translate them. Compare your translations with other official translations and learn how to get them better.
  • If you require resources, then hire another freelance translator so that he can review your work and give you feedback.
  • After developing a small portfolio of your work, start applying for jobs on a freelance translation website.
  • Develop a website or upload your profile to freelance translation websites. Use copywriting best practices and make good use of them. Clients will look upon you if your work attracts them.
  • Start to market yourself from these platforms.
  • To meet local people and to tell them about their work as a translator.
  • If you are in another profession, do tell the people in your network that you are offering translation services.

Freelance Translation is a very Versatile Job

No doubt, freelancing is a versatile job. One day, you must be translating a press release, and the other day, you must be translating a marketing campaign for any company. You will learn lots of things and become a lifelong student of the world. One of the best advantages is, you can learn from anywhere around the world. Let’s have a look at the highest-paying freelance translation websites so that you can start your freelancing career.


In the world of digitalization, gig websites provide a freelance translation platform for many people that are looking for freelance translation work. Like other platforms, Fiverr also has a bad reputation among its clients and translators. But to get the best advantage of this platform, you must spend extra time figuring out the things. In the initial stage of your translation work, you will not get good money. Therefore, if you select Fiverr to start your work, you will get money according to the quality of your work. First, you must build your credibility. The translation is the most demanded service available on this platform. There are around 17,000 translators available that can provide you with translation in multiple languages. Are you ready to work on this amazing platform as a freelance translator? The mode of payment in Fiverr is also very secure. So select this platform to earn better.


Are you looking for a better freelance translation platform, when your search is finished because ProZ is here for you? It is one of the top freelance translation platforms. After getting out from your translation school, do opt for ProZ because it is a professional platform through which you can get the highest paying contracts. You must register yourself with ProZ by uploading your profile to its account. It provides you with both free and paid subscription options. According to the worth of your work, you should first subscribe for free to get better exposure. You can get a higher volume of sales if you opt for ProZ than Fiverr, so don’t waste your time and build your portfolio. As a freelance translator, you can easily find a job through this website. It contains a database of translation agencies with reviews and ratings of translators.


You can find many translation jobs on this website. This website is catering to a specific niche. Like other platforms, they also take 20% of your income. You can make two profiles on this platform, one as a worker and the other as an employer. You can join Freelancer.com with your Gmail and Facebook account and get a free membership that will help you in accessing and applying for a freelance translator. To make yourself stand out in a large number of freelancers, you must ask for competitive prices and write a proposal that convinces them to take interest in your portfolio. The best part of this website is that there is a high demand for translators, so you can easily find the job you are looking for. In the world of translation, freelancer.com holds a great reputation because of its reviews and opinions.


Upwork is a Job site designed for freelancers. It came into existence when oDesk and Elance merged. At present Upwork is considered the topmost website for freelancers. To use this, you must create your profile and define the rate according to the worth of your work. You will be amazed to know that Upwork contains 12 million freelancers, 5 million clients, and a whopping 3 million jobs are posted there. You can not only apply for a freelance translator job, but you can apply in multiple fields like web and software development, sales and marketing, customer care and legal and engineering architecture, and many more. Clients can reach you through your profile, and you can check the work posted by them. You can receive payments by Upwork on a weekly basis through a very secure mechanism.


MarsHub is basically a cloud-based platform that brings all the stakeholders (Enterprises, LSPs, and Freelance Translators or Linguists) together on one platform. Here, translators can get easy access to a range of translation projects. The stronger your profile is, the more are your chances of being hired by top-class language service providers. Thus, here you can earn more by making your profile on MarsHub. Get started and be ready to work with the best names in the industry.


PeoplePerHour is a UK-based freelance platform. With the help of this platform, you can connect to whooping two million freelancers from around the globe. These freelancers are very competitive because they check the profiles of translators before taking them on board and accept them on the website according to the quality of their work. Peopleperhour is a website that is very organized and produces high-quality work. No matter what niche you want to target, you will easily find it here because it is different from Fiverr in respect of labor. If you want to get translation work for a long duration, then you should align your values with them. Moreover, you should alter your CV according to their requirements and upload it on the website with additional certifications.


SolidGigs is a premium freelance board. You can easily find the highest-paying freelance job from this website. To get the services from this platform, you must pay $2 for a trial and if you want services for a month, then you must pay $19 for a per-month subscription. It helps to collect freelance jobs from 100 sites and sends you an email every week to get the highest-paying freelance job. Before joining the best freelance work, you must specify the type of freelance work. For instance, if you want to do freelancing work in translation, then you must tell them whether you want fixed-rate or want payment on an hourly basis. Moreover, you must tell them about competency level, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or expert. With the help of SolidGigs, you can also polish your skills while getting enrolled in online courses at no extra cost. With the help of these courses, you will be in a better position to market yourself. 


TextMaster is a top translation agency that offers translation rates in 3 tiers. The highest pay rate is $ 0.18. This deals with the translators that like to work in SEO, financial and legal translations, and luxury goods. For translators, executive-level pay is very good. To apply as a freelance translator, you must sign up at their website. There are no subscription charges. Moreover, no request is entertained on emails. If you apply for a freelance translator job then keep this in mind, they accept only 25% of requests to maintain the high quality of services.


SmartCat is the biggest marketplace for freelancing translation jobs. The two things that differentiate SmartCat from other websites are the freelancing marketplace and CAT tools. With the help of this website, you can work on your daily tasks while using CAT tools. The more you use these tools in your work, the more the quality of work is enhanced. Whether as a customer or agency, you can send your portfolios to them. They select the candidate according to the settings of their database. The best part of SmartCat is it will assist you in invoicing the customers, no matter where they are. Moreover, you can also withdraw your balance from anywhere.


Gengo is one of the most popular online platforms. It provides educational material to translators and guidelines about how to produce accurate and precise translations. It is a practical platform for freelance translators that are looking for the highest paying translation work. Translation of a few languages like Japanese is in high demand. Therefore as a translator, if you are proficient in Japanese then you can use this platform for a longer period. Moreover, you can get freelance translation work for other languages also. Due to fierce competition, you can get the work based on first come. It provides you with very good rates, especially for the standard level. 

Wrapping Up

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have lost their jobs, and it has created economic chaos among the nations. Freelancing is the best skill to earn on your own. With the help of the 10 highest-paying freelance translation websites, you can make money while living at home. No matter, if there is a lockdown, take leverage from these platforms and start earning.

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