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MarsHub is a professional cloud-based localization management platform with powerful solutions for next-generation



At its core, Our perfect localization management system for SMEs and enterprises, ensuring a streamlined, organized, and effortless process for Clients.

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Our professional localization platform facilitates language services providers to improve their translation services and offers helpful features for providing a hassle-free experience.

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If you are a freelance translator looking for a new project, Then you are on a perfect place. Join as a professional linguist here and work with reputed companies and clients.

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Our Key Components

The innovative professional localization platform is packed with several helpful components, designed to boost your productivity.

Smart Projects

MarsHub is a best localization management system that holds your entire localization project together and streamlines your task workflow. Our translation management system allows you to work on multiple translation projects simultaneously, and speed up your localization processes.. You can also watch the progress of each project in real time through our smart performance analytics features.


Job Creation

The user-friendly and intuitive interface of MarsHub makes task creation super easy and fast. Just click on "create new project," name the project, design your workflow, choose the target language, and assign it to any internal or external team member. We pay special attention to functional efficiency which helps project managers perform better.


Custom Workflow

You can customize your project workflow while assigning it to a vendor or a team member. Here you get the freedom to organize and execute your localization task as you want. MarsHub gives its users complete control over things, so they can move fast and know exactly where they're standing.


Online Translation Editor

MarsHub has a built-in online translation editor, which you can use to proofread and review your translated documents. You don't have to move your data to another platform for editing purposes because as a localization management system we got all your translation requirements covered under one platform. It will enhance your translators' work efficiency and eliminate the chances of errors.


Translation Memory

You can effectively maintain and manage your translation memory for each project separately with our professional localization management software. It will allow you to significantly improve your translation quality and speed if you're working with a machine translation engine. Moreover, it also makes it easier to find and retrieve data from previous translations.


Vendors Hub

Outsourcing becomes super easy and hassle-free with our dedicated marketplace of experienced linguists and vendors. You can get qualified translators/vendors on board to work on your task in just a few clicks. You can choose a suitable resource, close a deal with them, assign the task, and release payment once you get the desired outcome.

25+ Neural Translation

Neural Translation

25+ Machine Translation Engines

50+ Multi Format

Multi format files

Supports 50+ Type Files

Improves Operational Efficiency by 20%

It is the best localization management platform to streamline processes, and improve efficiency. We also help rescue TAT for every translation project by wielding machine translation tools and resources.


Lowers Translation Cost by 15%

Managing and monitoring different projects simultaneously over a single cloud-based localization management system not only saves time but also cuts down the total cost by as much as 15%. Additionally, using MT and TM can save you some costs.

Enhances Translation Quality by 30%

We make the translation process easier, faster, and trackable with the embedded MarsCAT tool. Besides, you can easily manage glossaries and style guides for multiple projects with our localization management software.


Supports up to 50+ File Formats

We supports a whopping amount of file formats. Whether it's a complex application or simple documentation, with multi-file format support you can now make use of it comfortably on our top localization management platform.

Integrates up to 25+ Neural Translations

25+ MachineTranslation Engines have been integrated at the core of MarsHub. A single language input can be efficiently detected and targeted in several language outputs by the neural translation mechanism


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