Make Your Games Go Global With Our Video Game Translation Services

  • Create game localization projects within minutes

    Sign up with MarsHub, and create your localization project within a few clicks. Enter the required details, and get started.

  • infolockit

    Upload your lockit

    Upload your complete localization kit and manage your linguistic assets to help translators localize your gaming content.

  • Add strings to be localized

    Identify the gaming content that you want to translate and localize, separate those strings and upload the resource files for seamless translation.

  • infoPlateform

    Localize your game for different platforms

    Whether you want to localize your game for Android, iOS or Windows, you can use our platform to manage your teams and tasks with continuous monitoring.

  • infoCreation

    Continuous game localization

    We provide scalable solutions and support continuous localization. You can create new tasks for every project as and when needed.

Localize your games the easy way

Game localization is made easy and simple with MarsHub. How? Our cloud-based localization management platform has advanced tools and features that would help you manage your game localization projects in a simplified way.

From hiring resources to monitoring progress, we have got it all covered!

Vendors Hub

Find the best game localization companies

Several game localization companies are listed with MarsHub. Join us, browse through our registered vendors and find out the best one for your next project.

Custom Workflows

Customize workflow for every task

For the translation of text, audio files, and converting files, you can create as many tasks as you need and customize their workflow as per the project requirements.

Expand into New Markets

Localize into 230+ languages

Our platform supports 230+ languages. Localize your games into as many languages as you want and manage everything on a single platform.

Manage Game Translation Resources

Get high-quality results as per requirements

Upload, edit, and update translation resources including glossaries and TMs to get consistent and quality translation for your games.