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10 Localization Industry Events to Stay Updated

10 Localization Industry Events to Stay Updated

The changing trends in the localization industry demand you to stay updated with the latest technology and tools. From freelance linguists to copywriters, project managers, and LSPs, everyone should pay attention to improve their productivity, and attending the following events might help.

Localization Industry Events to Connect with Global Leaders and Experts

Here’s a list of the top 10 events regarding localization that you would not want to miss.

1. ALC Annual Summit/Digital Summit

Organized by the Association of Language Companies, this Annual Summit will help you connect with top-rated language services. Become a part of this 3-Days event and gain valuable experience where known industry names will share their knowledge.

Location: Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile/Virtual

Entry Fee: $1600 for Onsite and $600 for Online

Who Should Join: Language Service Providers

2. KTLC2021 

TLC Conferences is organizing this 3-day localization conference online. The theme of the event is GAP, where G refers to Growth, A means Automation, and P signifies Professionalism. From the appropriate use of CAT tools to tips for business growth, many helpful topics will be covered. Don’t miss it out!

Location: Online

Entry Fee:  €50-69

Who Should Join: Corporations, Translation Agencies, Freelance Linguists

3. Game Global Digital Summit

LocWorld is organizing a wonderful 2-day event on Localization and QA of video games. Gaming localization companies must attend this online event to benefit from the 2 decades of experience of LocWorld and meet other companies to find out what practices they are using to be successful.

Location: Online

Entry Fee: $250-350

Who Should Join: Game Localization Companies

4. Gala Connected 2024

Organized by Gala, the Gala Connected 2021 is going to be an online 3-day event for translation service providers and translation buyers. From Machine Translation to Audio-Visual Translation a lot more will be covered in this conference

Location: Online

Entry Fee: $265-305

Who Should Join: Translation Services, Translation Clients

5. Focus on Executives (ELIA)

Elia is organizing a 3-Day event for localization project managers and LSPs. If you want to build a strong future for your organization, attending this event would be of great help. From polishing your leadership skills to finding industry best practices and strategies for company growth, you will learn a lot in this event.

Location: Rhodes, Greece

Entry Fee: €785-945

Who Should Join: Language Service Providers, Project Managers

6. LocWorldWide45

Here’s another event organized by LocWorld. It’s going to be a 3-day event in the online format. In this event, the industry experts will shed light on how the localization industry has been pushing linguistic and cultural boundaries for global growth. Join to become a part of this fruitful discussion.

Location: Online

Entry Fee: $279-319

Who Should Join: Language Companies, Translation Clients

7. ATA 65th Annual Conference

The American Translators Association is organizing this 4-Days conference in Minneapolis, and you can also join it online. Both freelance linguists and language companies should attend this event for a great learning and networking experience.

Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota/Virtual

Entry Fee: Starting from $345

Who Should Join: Freelance Translators, Interpreters, Language Companies

8. TCWORLD Conference

Organized by TEKOM Europe, this 10-Days conference includes around 175 lectures, interactive and valuable workshops, and networking opportunities for you. Join to learn about the latest industry trends, tips on content creation, and a lot more.

Entry Fee: €580-990

Location: Online

Who Should Join: Project Managers, Writers(Technical)

9. LocFromHome Globalization Festival

Smartcat is organizing this 1-Day online event for language companies and translation buyers. Join to make new connections, and find out what practices other LSPs follow for long-term success.

Location: Online

Entry Fee: Free

Who Should Join: Language Service Providers, Translation Clients

10. Focus on Project Management

Here’s another online event organized by Elia. This 4-day event is about virtual project management. PMs who want to enhance their skills in order to overcome the key challenges of localization management must attend this event.

Location: Online

Entry Fee: N/A

Who Should Join: Project Managers

So Are You Ready?

These are the must-attend localization events that you must join to gain insightful knowledge.

Register yourself for the events of your interest, join these conferences, grow your network, and attend workshops by top-industry experts to sharpen your skills.

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