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The Ultimate Guide to Localization and 10N Benefits

The Ultimate Guide to Localization and 10N Benefits

The modern world contains modern business methodologies. As it holds a lot of business opportunities. To adjust and get successful in today’s era, the usage of the right localization services is crucial. Because globalization requires adaptation of business networks altogether. Localization is the adaptation of services or products according to a specific region. It provides adjustment for global customers to avail themselves of the services in their native language. Localization (I10N) is a milestone achievement in the business world because it allows the expansion of business globally. Adaptation of content accordingly offers localization solutions for enterprises. This has changed trends in the market production and consumption because, now, everyone can taste the foreign exposure. Having multiple types with multi-functionality, I10N offers various advantages.

The right strategy during localization can only guarantee fruitful results. Otherwise, it can give you backlash because it is a double-edged sword and when using it in unprofessional manners, you might face the consequences. As the saying goes, “greater power comes with greater responsibility.”

What is Localization?

Localization short form is I10N and it is an act of adjusting the properties and characteristics of any product to adjust into a foreign country’s market. Localization is adapting the content to a specific market according to its culture. It is a crucial endeavor for seeking business growth.

It is not the same as translation. In the translation, there happens only the conversion of language from one to another. But localization goes beyond translation. It is a translation along with the context. That means if you have to localize the content from English to the French language. First of all, you must hold the knowledge of both languages and then you have to be an expert about French cultural and societal norms.

Aim of Localization

The world is not constant. It changes from time to time with respect to innovations and advancements. The aims of localization are broader to describe. Some are:

  1. Making the best use of the globalized world
  2. In order to break the language barrier of 8 billion people to co-exist peacefully.
  3. To intermingle the various culture
  4. In order to understand each other’s history, religion, literature fully
  5. To get an idea of different traditions and norms
  6. To expand the business globally
  7. In order to satisfy the locale clients

Need of Localization

The need for localization is as old as human civilization. Although the language is a specific feature of human beings to communicate. With the growing population, the number of languages has also increased. There are almost 8 billion people living on this planet and they have to coexist with each other for their own survival. Being a social animal, man has always been in the search of looking the way out. In this perspective, I10n has made it possible to translate the content of one language into another by taking into consideration all the socio-cultural, and religious differences. As history is evidently full of chaos and bloodshed. Many chaos and conflicts are the results of misinterpretation and lack of understanding.

Importance of Localization

The importance of any process depends on the needs of its users. The same goes for I10N. Its importance lies in the people’s urge to get globalized. Owing to the customers’ demands and seeking market profits, developers might think of breaking down the language and cultural barriers. In this perspective, localization platforms have been introduced to offer translation and localization services to the legal, financial, medical, and entertainment fields.

Scope of Localization

Under the banner of translation, the localization processes have grown. Apart from the translation, localization has a variety of scope in the affairs of the world such as:

  1. Localization address all legal and local regulations
  2. It adapts all the graphics according to the targeted audience
  3. Modifies all content in order to get fit according to the taste of targeted markets.

Many professional translation companies and language service provider platforms like MarsHub are offering localization services at their finest pace. This localization management platform is using advanced translation management software to ensure website, mobile app, software localization.

The Process of Localization

If you have decided to go global, you have to choose the category and design a roadmap for your type of localization. It can be a website, mobile app, video game, or software localization. From this point, it is vital to hire a professional localization team from a respectable translation company

Following is a step-by-step procedure for localization

  1. Firstly, you have to set the target area and give the clear meaning of localization to all of your stakeholders.
  2. Secondly, set out all the required tools and create the linguistic, cultural, and technical assessments. Then, reach out for software and the code of localization.
  3. Translate the content using all the advanced localization analytics. Check the initials of the target language.
  4. Localize the graphics, symbols, and signs accordingly.
  5. Compile all the localized files and tests should be run to check the quality of linguistic before delivering the content or software to the clients
  6. Launch the global localized website, app, or website for all.

Types of Localization

There are various types of localization depending upon the global demands and needs. Let’s discuss some of the types one by one:

1. Website Localization

Website localization is a quite sensitive and complex task that involves diverse skills and a lot of experience. This includes adopting the characteristics like language, graphics, texts, layouts, formatting, color, and symbols. It is a widely used localization type because now people want to search and view things in their own native language. For instance, almost 111 languages are supported by Facebook due to increased demand in website localization.

2. Software Localization

Software is the face of any company’s localization.  It involves adapting the components like images, graphics, user interface. Software localization is not limited only to PC but it goes to mobiles and tablets also. Sometimes, people rely on free software in order to get services for sensitive matters. There come across many language localization mistakes because software localization is a complicated process that needs a professional localization platform.

3. E-commerce Localization

Localizing the E-commerce platforms have become important as the shift came from physical stores to E-commerce stores. For instance, E-services include E-learning sites, online shopping, E-commerce stores, and apps, etc. By offering the E-services localization, entry barriers may be removed. This allows a chance to introduce more lucrative opportunities in the international market. Like Amazon that offers worldwide online shopping can be found in various languages. If you are from an Arab country, and you are unfamiliar with English writing then you can easily change the language set up and everything and even the product’s name will appear in your native language.

4. App Localization

App localization is another famous type of localization. Globally, companies are introducing many localized apps for global customers. That is why many apps are available in different languages in today’s world. Experts know how to hit the targeted audience and accordingly, they are introducing various features. In this perspective, Mobile app localization is the famous one. With the growing demand of mobile users, localizing mobile apps has gained utmost importance and became the need of the hour.

5. Video Game Localization

The entertainment industry is a huge one and extremely popular among the people. Video games hold pivotal importance in human beings. Games are being played in almost every corner of the world. Now, like language and culture, games have also crossed the borders. For instance, Cricket is the birth ground of England, but insanely popular among South Asian countries. Likewise, Football has a fan following in six continents. Likewise, these games come in the form of video games also and thanks to the industry, localization of video games lets the owners make a huge profit and allow the multicultural people to learn about each other.

Benefits of Localization

I10N has enormous benefits especially when it comes to the business domain. Following are some major benefits of localization.

1. In Expansion of Business

The most important benefit of localization is the business expansion so far. Owing to this, one can take one’s business from the local level to the global. Because localization allows you to adapt one’s cultural and societal norms along with the language. Consequently, people can understand each other in an easy way. After all, global expansion holds lucrative options for the owners as well as the customers.

2. Attracts Customers

Your business can excel in foreign markets if you adapt business strategies according to customers’ needs and demands. For instance, many websites and big market giants’ sites are available in the English language only. Many people are unable to understand the English language.  All you have to do is to attract the audience’s attention and for this, you need the collaboration of language service provider platforms like MarsHub.

3. Increase Revenue

It helps the customers to finalize rational purchasing decisions. Having the whole information about any foreign product in customers’ own language helps them to understand the benefits of the products easily. That helps the people to differentiate the best and average product. Resultantly, it increases the revenue of any business. All thanks to the localization industry, every nation on the face of the earth is using products and having services beyond their national territory.

4. Brand’s Reputation

Localizing the business helps you to build your brand’s reputation. When you fulfill all the requirements according to customers’ needs. On the contrary, it can hurt the whole business like happened in the case of the Pepsi campaign in China. They have to pay millions of dollars for recompensation.

5. Breeds Cultural Respect

There is no denying the fact that cultural, religious, and social patterns of people differ from region to region and these norms hold terrific importance in their lives. People look out for their traditions when they have to buy something, the media they choose to watch, and their lifestyle. Additionally, the advertisement also varies from region to region. You can not promote Christmas-related promotion in the non-Christian community. That is how culture breeds identification and people love to see their culture everywhere. Localization is offering proper visualization to know about each other’s culture and societal norms.

Ending Note

Conclusively, in this modern world, localization has become an important necessity for smooth flow. From the business world to the social world, I10N holds a central position. As we are living in a multicultural and multi-linguistic world, this world has its own requirements. We need to learn and respect each other’s culture and business. Markets are thriving to seek lucrative opportunities in this competitive world. In this perspective, many localization management platforms are offering professional translation and localization services. For instance, MarsHub is a cloud-based localization management platform that offers vigilant and easier localization management services to satisfy the global audience. All in all, localization has enormous benefits and types that are increasing rapidly day by day according to population demands. But one thing should be kept into consideration that it always comes with the strings attached if it does not design and handle properly. So, in order to reap the benefits of localization, the use of the right localization strategy is essential. And this right strategy can only be obtained through a language service provider platform.

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