How to Choose the Best Linguistic Software

As companies and enterprises across the world embrace globalization and international expansion, the need to keep up pace with international customers’ demands and preferences has also increased. Although human translators have been executing the arduous task of translation for decades, … Read More

Businesses Need a Localization Project

Why Do Businesses Need a Localization Project Manager?

The demand for localization services is growing continuously, and the localization industry is expected to hit $73.6 billion by 2025. The rapid business globalization and pandemic have unlocked tons of opportunities for the translation industry. Localization plays a major role … Read More

the official launch of marshub is here!

The Official Launch of MarsHub is Here

MarsHub, a cloud-based localization management platform designed to make the process fast, and hassle-free, by offering full customization and a  centralized system launches on 19/06/2021. The platform is intuitively designed with a personalized approach allowing constant monitoring, comprehensive reports, remote … Read More