Top 4 Tips to do Your Brand Localization Like A Pro

Top 4 Tips to do Your Brand Localization Like A Pro

Everyone knows how important localization is for the success of your business in global markets. But the real question is, where to start? What exactly does a company need to make its brand succeed globally? Every company has its own … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization – i18n

Software internationalization is all about adapting the user experiences based on the language they speak and the culture they belong to. All brands that want to reach global markets, should keep their products culture appropriate, so the native audiences can … Read More

global marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Gone are the times, when only big multinational companies would need a global marketing strategy to expand their businesses. Now the business world is becoming fairer and more favorable towards small businesses as well. Regardless of the business size and … Read More

Translation and Localization Difference

Translation vs Localization: What’s The Difference?

Making your brand successful in the international market is not a hard nut to crack. The global competition is becoming intenser, making global business expansion even more challenging. When it comes to launching your brand to the international market, you … Read More

Translation Management

Translation Management: Importance, Key Features & Benefits

Business localization for global marketplaces comes up with enormous opportunities for companies, such as increased ROI and higher revenue. As your business grows, the demand for translated content and localization process also increases. It can result in higher workloads and … Read More

business need a translation management system

Why Does Your Business Need a Translation Management System?

Content translation is not just about exchanging words from one language to another. Your overall brand experience in a foreign market totally depends on how well you have localized your content. Companies are spending their precious time and resources on … Read More

Tips to Get More App Downloads

10 Proven Tips to Get More App Downloads

Mobile apps have become a major part of our lives. From booking a cab to ordering food online, mobile apps literally make your everyday tasks easier. Do you know, there are more than 2.56 million apps available on the Google … Read More

How to choose the best Language Service Provider (LSP)

How to Choose the Best Language Service Provider (LSP)

Expansion Into Foreign Markets Expansion into the international market is a dream every business endeavors to pursue. Building an organization from scratch and then penetrating foreign markers is not an easy task. One has to overcome a lot of challenges.  … Read More

Marketing Localization - Marshub

What is Marketing Localization & How to Do it Right?

Language is more powerful than we think. The language we speak has a huge impact on our psychology, emotions, and even buying decisions. People tend to feel more connected with the brands that speak their native language. According to research, … Read More

Software Internationalization How Does It Help Your Global Expansion

Software Internationalization: How Does It Help Your Global Expansion?

Internationalization and localization are used interchangeably by most people. Do you think they are synonyms? Actually, they’re not. Both terms are related but certainly not identical. Localization is a process of translating the content and modifying the designs to make … Read More

Mobile app Localization - MarsHub

14 Things you Need to Know About Mobile App Localization

If you want to expand your business to foreign markets, it is crucial to adapt your product in a way that meets the international criteria. The same thing goes for mobile apps; without localizing your app to the interests of … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Website Localization in 8 Steps

The Ultimate Guide to Website Localization in 8 Steps

Your website is the digital front door of your online business, and you should build it in a way that your global audiences feel welcomed. To capture the attention of international audiences, the localization of your website is probably the … Read More