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Seamless Outsourcing: Evaluating MarsHub’s Dedicated Vendors’ Marketplace

Seamless Outsourcing: Evaluating MarsHub’s Dedicated Vendors’ Marketplace

Professional translation management systems have been around for a while, and they are quite essential for any business that wants to build a multilingual brand identity in global markets. Using an advanced cloud translation management platform can actually make your translation tasks easier to manage. Especially when you are working on a large-scale translation project, a TMS can help you effectively manage your resources, people, and tasks in time.

When we talk about smart translation project management, outsourcing your translation operations is a bit challenging and risky at the same time. Finding suitable and credible freelance resources for your translation tasks is a time-consuming job. MarsHub is an advanced translation and localization management platform that has made outsourcing seamless and simple. With the dedicated linguist community of MarsHub, you can work with experienced language service providers and translators without leaving the platform. 

This blog post talks about the MarsHub vendors’ marketplace, and how it is making the translation task outsourcing hassle-free.

MarsHub – About Company 

MarsHub is an online translation management system, which is designed for global enterprises, language service providers, and translators to effectively manage their translation projects. It has advanced tools and features that make it very easy and hassle-free for project managers to outsource their translation operations to a third-party service provider. 

Using MarsHub you can easily work on more than one translation project and effectively manage internal and external translation teams. The platform also has a translation memory of its own and provides you with features to create and manage your translation glossaries. MarsHub also provides customization options to its users, so they can tailor their TMS features to their translation project needs. 

MarsHub Dedicated Vendors’ Community 

On MarsHub, you will have access to a whole marketplace of linguists, LSPs, and translation vendors who make your translation outsourcing seamless. You don’t have to switch between different freelancing sites looking for suitable translators for your project tasks. In just a few clicks, you will have access to the world’s best translators and LSP – that too without leaving the MarsHub platform. So, you can get a professional translator onboard to work on your translation tasks anytime you want. Moreover, through this platform, your freelance resources can also collaborate with internal teams anytime they want. It helps them develop a good understanding of your translation project and deliver good results. 

How can our Marketplace Benefit your Translation Project?

A dedicated vendors’ community is one of the key features of MarsHub that makes this localization management platform stand out from many other TMS options available in the market. Let’s have a look at some major benefits of using MarsHub’s marketplace of linguists.  

Work With Experienced Linguists 

The major benefit of MarsHub’s vendors’ marketplace is that you get to work with the best and finest translators and LSPs in the industry worldwide. Every translator and vendor on MarsHub has to fulfill standard eligibility criteria to get registered on the platform. The linguists have to clear a couple of tests to get themselves registered on the platform. It allows MarsHub to create a community of good translators who would deliver great quality and value. The profiles of vendors can also give you some idea about the overall credibility, expertise, knowledge, and work experience of a linguist, so you can choose the most suitable option to manage your translation project. 

Design Your Task Workflow

MarsHub gives you complete control over your project and how you want to proceed with things. While assigning a task to a third-party vendor, you can design your task workflow, which is followed by your freelance linguist. Based on specific project needs, you can design your own execution plan and gain complete control over your translation operations. So, you can customize your translation project processes and set the deadlines as per your own requirements.

Hassle-Free Outsourcing 

When it comes to freelancing your tasks to a third-party service provider, we all know how time-consuming and complicated the whole process is. Visiting different freelance sites, viewing the profiles of dozens of freelancers, and finding budget-friendly options, you have put great effort into finding a suitable resource for managing a translation project. Yet, you don’t know about their work ethics, and there is always a bit of a risk attached to working with third parties because they are handling your private data. MarsHub reduces the hassle of outsourcing to a great extent and it gives a sort of transparency between project managers and vendors. Moreover, you are also very less likely to get spam on MarsHub’s marketplace because each translator is registered through a process. 

24/7 Availability 

MarsHub has expert translators available on the platform in different time zones, so you will always find good linguists available during your preferred working hours. You can access experienced translators and LSP around the clock. It means you don’t really need to worry about your location and time zone because MarsHub’s marketplace has professional translators working in different time zones. So here you will never run short of good resources. 

Effectively Manage External Vendors 

Finding the right linguist or LSP vendor is just the half job done, the real struggle only starts with you having to communicate and collaborate with these third-party resources. With MarsHub, you can smoothly manage your external translation teams quite smoothly. You can always monitor their project progress in real-time and have live conversations. Seamless communication with external vendors ensures on-time delivery of translation projects, and you are more likely to have a satisfactory outsourcing experience. 

How to Work on MarsHub Marketplace?

MarsHub is an easy-to-use translation management platform, and using MarsHub’s vendors’ marketplace is also very simple to work with. Following are a few steps that you need to follow to work on MarsHub’s community of linguists and LSPs. 

Sign up with MarsHub 

Of course, the first step is to sign up with MarsHub to get access to their vendors’ community. MarsHub’s linguists’ marketplace is not an open-source outsourcing platform; however, once you are a member of MarsHub TMS, you will have free access to the marketplace, no matter which localization plan you are subscribing to. 

Subscribe to the Suitable Translation Management Plan 

Once you have registered yourself with MarsHub, it’s time to choose a translation management plan depending on your unique business needs. Depending on the number of languages you are targeting, and the scope of your translation project, you can subscribe to a basic or advanced-level TMS solution. You can either choose from MarsHub’s pre-build translation management plans or customize your plan. All you have to do is, contact the customer support team of MarsHub, and share with them your concerns and requirements. They will help you tailor a suitable translation management plan to fulfill your project needs. Moreover, the MarsHub customer support team will also assist you with using the MarsHub marketplace smartly and effectively. 

Visit our Vendor’s marketplace 

Depending on the translation management plan you have chosen, you will instantly get access to all the features and tools on MarsHub. Now you can also access the MarsHub marketplace. You can visit the profiles of different vendors, and view their ratings, and overall work experience. All of this information provided by vendors helps you know whether or not a linguist is suitable to work on your translation project. You can also see the reviews of previous users on each vendor’s profile, which gives you some estimates about the professionalism and credibility of a vendor. 

Communicate with Professional Linguists 

You can choose any vendor and get them on board to work on your translation tasks. Make sure the vendor is available in your time zones, and you can also see the ones who are live on the platform. So you can have an instant chat with them. You can communicate with them your project requirements, and ask them if they’ll be able to deliver the expected results. You can also negotiate on the project budget, and dedicate the task workflow. 

Assign Tasks and Set Deadlines 

Once you have detailed communication with your suitable linguist, you can assign them your translation task. In the task description, you have to mention the source and target language pairs, provide workflow design and reference material, or attach any previous work to give them some idea about what you want to achieve. At this point, you should also schedule the project deadline. It is recommended to not give an open deadline to a third-party service provider. It may only lead to delays and giving extra time does not always translate into high-quality content translation.

Manage your Workflow and QA Processes 

The good thing about working with the MarsHub marketplace is that it allows you to design your own translation and localization workflow. It gives a sense of control over your translation processes. You can also ask your vendor to apply certain QA processes to your translations. It may cost you some extra money but it will definitely improve the translation quality. For instance, you can get two different linguists on board for a translation project management, where one is responsible for translations and the other will ensure the quality of translated documents through manual proofreading and editing. This way, you can always double-check your translation quality and implement your own quality control processes.

Release Payments

You can release payment to your freelance vendor directly through the system. Here you will get features to create invoices and send payment to your freelance resources from one platform. It’ll save a lot of time and effort, and you can literally manage all your translation work without leaving MarsHub. The good thing is, unlike many other platforms, MarsHub doesn’t charge you any extra fee to make a transaction with a freelance linguist. So, it is also a cost-effective way to outsource your translation projects. 

Join MarsHub Today and Get 15 days Free Trial

If you are a global enterprise or a language service provider who has to work on multiple translation projects every day, you must give MarsHub a try, and it’s free. You can get a MarsHub free trial for 15 days to get an idea about how this platform can improve your translation project management and make everything smooth and hassle-free. From working on multiple translation projects, and managing project resources to integrating third-party apps and outsourcing to reliable linguists, MarsHub got all your translation project management needs covered under one platform. Unlike many other leading TMS platforms, MarsHub is quite affordable and provides great value for money. Moreover, you can customize your translation management solution as per your project management needs. Scaling your business in foreign markets is made simple with MarsHub and you can upgrade your TMS specification anytime you want. 

Get started with MarsHub now, and work with the best translation linguists worldwide. 

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