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Role of Localization Project Management Systems in Global Business Expansion

Role of Localization Project Management Systems in Global Business Expansion

Growing business internationally is the ultimate goal of every company. However, targeting multiple marketplaces at the same time comes with a lot of hassle and hard work. Large volumes of translations and localization tasks take a huge amount of time, effort, and investment.

To ensure seamless and smooth business expansion to global markets, you have to come up with the right tools, equipment, and resources. When we talk about fast and efficient brand localization and translation project management, having a professional localization platform is a must. Advanced localization software comes with powerful features that help you streamline your localization processes. This article discusses the significance of a cloud-based localization management platform for your global business expansion.

Table of Content

  • Significance of Localization
  • Localization Project Management System Overview
  • Key Perks of Localization Project Management Systems
    • Streamlined Translation Processes
    • Higher Consistency and Accuracy
    • Easy Outsourcing
    • Real-Time Performance Analytics
    • Built-in Machine Translation Engines
    • Reduces Manual Work
    • One Stop Localization
    • Seamless Translation Memory and Glossary Management
    • Promotes Teamwork
  • Why Choose MarsHub?

Significance of Localization

Before getting into the uses and performance of professional localization platforms, you should know about their advantages and potential to improve your brand localization procedure. To be competitive in this ever-expanding global marketplace, you have to modify your product and services to the demands of your target customers. Localization is a process of altering the whole look and feel of your brand to make it fit into global marketplaces.

 Brand localization is a powerful tool to turn the cultural and social differences of target markets in your favor. It also builds trust in your audiences and promotes brand engagement. Moreover, if you want to enhance your brand’s online visibility in the global markets, localization would also help you rank higher in the search engines. Similarly, localization also allows you to build a consistent brand image worldwide and do better market segmentation.

Localization Project Management System Overview

If you want your localization processes to be really quick and efficient, a professional localization platform is an ideal solution to combat all globalization challenges. It is a software tool used to manage, monitor, and execute your translation and localization tasks. Using advanced project management software to handle your localization project will not just save you time, but also help you with better use of resources. Localization software supports third-party integration so you can manage all your localization tasks from one platform only.

Some advanced localization management tools also act as your digital workplace, where you can work together with remote teams and seamlessly communicate with them. You can customize the features of your localization platform as per your needs. However, choosing the right localization platform vendor is also significant to get the right localization solution.

Key Perks of Localization Project Management Systems

Professional localization project management systems save you from the trouble and hassle of traditional localization methods. Below are some key benefits of using a localization platform that you should know about.

Streamlined Translation Processes

Today’s localization technology has evolved so much. Now we have advanced localization systems in place with smart translation management and MT features that promote seamless and quick translated content delivery for foreign markets. Professional localization software helps you organize your translation tasks and streamline your workflow more appropriately. Unlike traditional translation project management, with these systems, you can easily manage your translation files and store them properly in a central location.

It supports your translators by automating file management and storage, so they don’t have to manually do any managerial stuff. You can significantly reduce your translation workload when you have a reliable localization platform by your side. So, you don’t have to hire a lot of staff for management purposes and there will be a substantial reduction in your manual tasks. It eliminates repetitive translations and automates task workflow. Moreover, you can always connect your TMS with existing project management platforms.

Higher Consistency and Accuracy

If you have to manage huge volumes of translation tasks regularly then having a professional TMS is important. Advanced translation software comes with smart MT engines and translation management tools that help you effectively go about your everyday translation processes.

When you put a lot of translation workload on human translation, it not just causes delays but also leads to frequent mistakes in your translations. To avoid this issue, you combine human expertise with machine efficiency. Professional TMSs help you manage more translations quickly without compromising the quality.

Similarly, when you are launching your brand into the international market, consistency is the key to your global success. The inconsistent brand voice may leave your target customers in doubt about your brand’s credibility, so you better avoid it in the first place. Using professional TMS, you can create and manage your brand glossaries more effectively. It allows your translators to keep their brand voice consistent in all regions.

Easy Outsourcing

Most advanced translation and localization project management platforms manage their own dedicated community of qualified translators and linguists. The freelance marketplace in your localization platform makes the outsourcing process quite easy and effortless. So, you can assign your localization tasks to any suitable third-party freelancer directly from your TMS platform. This way, there are fewer chances of scams because all translators registered on such platforms through proper testing.

For hiring the professional localization vendor of your choice, you can visit their profiles, view their ratings and reviews, check their expertise, and negotiate the translation fees. On these marketplaces, you can find translators with different experiences and industrial expertise. These translators are available in different time zones, so you can easily choose your freelance partners based on timings.

Real-Time Performance Analytics

To achieve your business expansion objectives faster and more efficiently, your decisions should be based on accurate data only. Most professional localization platforms provide regular performance analytics features to help project managers easily monitor the progress of their localization tasks. 

Using analytics features, you can build more effective localization strategies aligned with your long-term business objectives. Moreover, if you are working with multiple teams, localization platforms allow you to monitor the performance and activities of your localization teams in real time.

Built-in Machine Translation Engines

Managing your translation work for different regions is a time-consuming and troublesome job. If you are only relying on human translation, you are more likely to face translation delays. Machine translation tools can be quite helpful to manage excessive translation workload. Most translation project management systems have built-in translation engines that help you easily manage day-to-day translations. Advanced AI algorithms of translation engines used previously approved translations from translation memory to generate new translations. It will save you time, money, and effort spent on generating regular translations. Machine translation post-editing is the best approach to generate translations, as it reduces your translation expense and saves more time. Similarly, you are also less likely to make grammatical, spelling, and sentence mistakes with this method. Machine engines contain high-quality and powerful editing features that also allow you to uplift the quality and readability of your translations.

Reduces Manual Work

When you are working with automated translation management systems, it will significantly reduce your workload. These tools provide support to your translation teams and other employees by automating the translation processes. There will be less manual work which automatically reduces complications and chances of errors.

When you use a professional TMS, it also helps to keep your expenses low. For instance, the automation features in your TMS let the machine handle most work, and the workload from employees is automatically reduced. You need to hire less staff to manage your localization tasks which reduces your monthly expenses. Moreover, your employees will be less frustrated when you put less burden on them. It creates higher job satisfaction that reflects on their work and brings positive results.

One Stop Localization

The best thing about having a professional localization platform is that it organizes your workflow and keeps everything in one place. Almost all advanced TMS systems provide support for integrations. You can integrate any third-party application or software into your TMS and work on them without leaving the platform. It also reduces errors caused by shifting your data from one platform to another.

If a TMS is not currently supported by your apps or software, you can contact the vendor to customize your integrations. It will allow you to integrate your tailored software into a localization platform.

Seamless Translation Memory and Glossary Management

If you are not able to manage your resources appropriately, it will cause chaos and affect your localization budget and outcomes. When you are working on a localization platform, it will help you effectively manage your translation resources. You can better manage your translation memories and brand glossaries for each translation project.

Translation memories not just make it easier for you to retrieve previous documents but also support your translation engines to work more efficiently and generate quick translations. Similarly, translation glossaries are essential to keep your brand voice consistent no matter how many translators are working on your project. Translation a management system promotes effective resource management that automatically helps you better manage your expenses and direct your efforts towards the right path.

Promotes Teamwork

Effective communication and teamwork are what keep your localization project moving. Gaps in communication and lack of collaboration cause conflicts and project understanding issues. Most of the problems in your localization project management start when your team’s communication flow is weak. With a professional localization platform, remote teams can effectively work together with each other in a secure digital workplace. They can communicate in real-time and have formal and casual conversations anytime they want. So, using a cloud-based localization management platform automatically enhances the teamwork that fuels the global journey.

Why Choose MarsHub?

If you are looking for a reliable, affordable, and efficient localization and translation management platform then MarsHub is an ideal option for you. It is your one-stop localization management solution packed with powerful features to make your global brand expansion smooth. This platform is specifically designed for enterprises that want to hit global markets. Language service providers can also use this platform to handle excessive translation projects for multiple clients simultaneously. From customized workflow to a dedicated freelance marketplace, this platform got all your localization needs covered.

MarsHub promotes effective collaboration between internal and external project teams; Here you will get a secure work environment to work on your localization projects. This way, your translators can work hand in hand with advanced tools to get the maximum results and accomplish their long-term goals.

To clear your doubts, MarsHub gives its clients a 15-day free trial. Once you are 100% sure you can subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription of the platform.

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