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10 Professional Translation Software Recommended by Translators

10 Professional Translation Software Recommended by Translators

The global world is very fast. To keep up with the pace of this fast world, you don’t only need accurate translation services, but translation at a fast pace. Here the question is: How can you get accurate translation services at a fast pace? You can get these services with the help of professional translation software. This has become possible because of technological advancement in the translation industry. The translation of different topics in multiple languages is not an easy task. To provide seamless translation services, you must do extensive research and should possess conceptual knowledge. Fortunately, digitalization in the translation industry has resulted in the creation of the best translation software. This software has enhanced the quality and efficiency of translation services. Are you looking for translation software? Let’s make your quest easy and dive into 10 professional translation software recommended by freelance translators.


Do you know that Linguee is one of the popular CAT tools in the marketplace? The best thing about this tool is that it is an amalgamation of search engine and dictionary both. With the help of this translation software, you can easily check the text in different languages and their intended meanings. It also provides a platform for a web search for the documents that are already translated and specifies the certain way in which the content should be translated consistently throughout the document. To satisfy yourself, you can check the advantages and disadvantages of machine translation against human translations. To your surprise, many people who want to learn languages use this amazing software with Google images to make their learning process easy.


It is a cloud-based platform that is primarily for localization management. The platform is designed to bring all stakeholders together. Big and small enterprises, LSPs, freelance translators all find this collaborative platform very useful as it reduces the hassle and improves productivity. Here, translators get a chance to work with top-rated language service providers and earn more. Moreover, translators love using this platform as it offers numerous helpful tools like machine translation, centralized TM, and a lot more. Thus, MarsHub is a reliable translation management system that many translators love to use along with other translation software.


ProZ is software for professional freelance translators who want to achieve their business objectives with accurate translation services. It provides a platform to like-minded translators that want to handle translation projects with collaboration. Moreover, training material and dictionaries for translation assistance are also shared on it. It facilitates you on every kind of translation task. For example online financial translation services. ProZ is a crowdsourcing platform. It provides you with discussion platforms so if you are a translator, you can join and get an answer to your questions. This software is available in more than 45 languages. Moreover, it is localized in 35 languages. However, localization is not available in all languages. Approximately 220k people use this software on a monthly basis.

SDL Trados Studio

SDL Trados Studio is the most recommended professional translation software. If you invest in this software, then you will reap many benefits. This tool is a combination of CAT, machine translation, termbase, and software localization. Therefore, it will help you in increasing your client base. At present, it has 270,000 users, which makes it the largest community of professional translation around the world. If you opt to use this translation software, then you can easily access training materials, multilingual learning content for localization from anywhere around the globe. Moreover, you can select a language and the file type of your choice. For the execution of projects, you can use your laptop and sync it with your desktop app. Additionally, you can develop new projects and track your translation progress from this professional translation software.


MemoQ is the best translation software. It provides you with several online translation tools that help you to use earlier translations. Moreover, you can also use this software for spell check. It will help you to improve the quality of translation while keeping consistency. If your company wants to expand its business outside the borders, then MemoQ will assist you in the localization process with its efficient translation management system. The features of MemoQ are designed according to the requirements of global clients. For instance, connectivity, flexible workflow management, project tracking, advanced reports, and automated quality checks. If you want to use this software, then first try it’s free demo version for 45 days.

Fluency Now

Do you want to improve the overall performance of translation? Worry not. Fluency Now is available for you. This is a very cost-effective software and is compatible with Linux, Mac, and windows. With this software, you can use the internet freely without any limitations. Moreover, you can finish your tasks without leaving the software. The enterprise version of this software works like a project management module. This software has an inbuilt proofreading function and document statistics. It contains a large translation memory database. Therefore, you can manage translation memories of all projects swiftly. CAT tools used in this software help you to create new translation memory from old translation.

WordFast Pro

WordFast Pro is a translation memory tool for the next generation. It is designed to cater to the requirements of translation agencies, translators, and corporations. You can use this translation software on Mac, Linux, and Windows. Moreover, you can also use it in different desktop publishing formats. For pre and post-translation of your projects, you can incorporate this professional translation software. If you want to improve the overall process of translation, then this tool will do wonders for you. Even if you are using the demo version, you can import and export TM with a memory size of 500 units without any limitation. Additionally, you can get free support from tutorials with the help of translation tools.


SmartCAT is an online CAT tool. It is designed to work in a multifunction work environment. It helps to streamline the translation process by making the translators and editors work together in real-time. SmartCAT acts like an automation instrument that provides one solution. Moreover, it helps the translators to develop glossaries that result in consistent translations. Apart from this, it gives leverage to multilingual translation memories, which makes it easy to create and manage TMs for other desktop applications. You can also use this professional translation software if you are dealing with mixed language pairs.


Zanata is web-based translation software. It helps the content creators, translators, and project managers to localize their projects. It is very easy to navigate. You just need a web browser. It can translate from your computer with the help of an internet connection. This software uses translation memory that can provide similar translations so that you can reuse them. Zanata provides a complete system of translation. In this way, translators don’t have to worry about formats. Instead, they focus on their core translation task. Moreover, it provides a translation memory that locates the fizzy matches from the entire system. Additionally, its editor resonates with all the most used web browsers. One of the best things about this best translation software is that all the editors can work collaboratively and can communicate in the chat room in real-time.


Memsource is professional translation software that brings artificial intelligence and machine learning into your translation process. It provides robust features that assist translators and project managers to make good use of data to produce an efficient translation. Moreover, Memsource helps to automate and streamline the process of engine testing and choice. It locates the Al-powered algorithm automatically for your project that results in high-quality translations. Terminology management and editing are other operations of the translators. They help to increase efficiency. You can easily download the Memsource desktop version free of cost.

Wrapping Up

Don’t get confused about which translation management software is best recommended by translators. For this, you must be aware of your linguistic and translation business requirements. It will help you in selecting the right professional translation software which will make you a successful part of globalization.

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