Languages Services Provider

Boosting Professional Efficiency for LSPs with Advanced localizaion Management Solutions

Advanced Platform with Unlimited Features to Facilitate Efficient Project Management

Empower Your Localization Process with MarsHub

From finding the top-rated linguists for your projects to getting more clients, This cloud-based platform has made everything easy for Language Service Providers.

Advanced TMS

Integrated Translation Tools

The feature-rich portal facilitates easy completion of translation tasks. TM, Glossaries and the ability to handle all complex file formats make MarsHub a perfect choice for you!

Workflow Management

Customize Your Workflows

Customize internal workflows as per your convenience to improve the functional efficiency and quality of results.

Pre & Post Processing

Deliver High-Quality Results

Supporting Pre-processing and Post-processing, the platform improves overall quality for every project to help the top language services providers.

Improve Quality with Online Translation Editor

The online editor facilitates the whole translation process to boost productivity for all the premium language services providers.

Centralized Translation Memory

Reduce Cost & TAT

Cut down costs and time required for every localization project by using centralized Translation Memory shared among vendors.

Embedded CAT Tool

Monitor Translation Progress

Monitor the translation progress by embedded CAT tool and maintain quality and consistency.


Deliver Quality & Consistency

Manage terminology to ensure consistency throughout any translation project.

Multiply Your Sales with MarsHub!

Unlimited Bidding

Win More Projects

Boost your sales by bidding on multiple projects listed by different large-scale Enterprises and SMEs all across the globe. You can win more projects and expand your portfolio.

Grab Prospects Attention

Earn More Business

The clients can directly approach you through our platform. The more appealing your profile is, the better are your chances of grabbing their attention.

Create Custom Pricing Plans


Client-specific Pricing

Based on every client’s requirements, you can create custom service packages and set different pricing for them.


Different Rates for Different Clients

Depending on the nature of every project, you can create different match rates for your prospects.