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How Does Marshub Help Localization Vendors Deliver High-Quality Translations?

How Does Marshub Help Localization Vendors Deliver High-Quality Translations?

If you’re a global business targeting multiple markets, you would know how important brand localization is for your business’s international growth. There are a lot of translation challenges businesses have to tackle, including incorrect translations, grammatical errors, out-of-content, misinterpretation, wrong designs, etc. From creating on-time translations to ensuring high-quality translation, localization project managers have to deal with everything.

Translating the content to the native language of your target customers is a primary task of localizing the brand. Your overall brand reputation in the international market depends on the quality of language translations for every region. Moreover, poor-quality translation not only reduces the overall user experience but also badly damages your brand’s reputation globally. To effectively manage your translation project and ensure high-quality translations, you must partner with a reliable translation management platform.

Producing high-quality translation is the most significant and difficult part of business localization. Based on your business’s unique needs, you can choose a professional localization platform that would fulfill your expansion goals. MarsHub is a full-service localization platform that offers high-quality and affordable transition management services to its clients. It is also the fastest-growing translation and localization platform that helps businesses go global by ensuring high translation quality and effective localization project management. Read this article to know how MarsHub is helping translation vendors maintain high-quality translations.


About MarsHub

MarsHub is a professional localization management platform that provides customized localization and translation management services globally. It provides professional localization solutions to enterprises, LSPs, and individual linguists. This platform is designed to offer simpler, faster, and more efficient localization services to help businesses have a smoother entry into the international market.

Prominent Features of MarsHub

Prominent Features of MarsHub

1. Customization

MarsHub provides tailor-made localization solutions to clients, based on their unique business needs. Enterprises can customize their localization plans to achieve business expansion goals smoothly. It is an all-in-one platform for you to get unlimited features to enable hassle-free localization project management.

2. Data Centralization

They store your translation files and other documents in a single centralized platform, from where data can be accessible to all authorized employees. The best thing about having your information centralized is that you don’t have to send translation files back and forth. So, there’ll be fewer chances of redundant information, and it also allows localization teams to collaborate with each other in real-time.

3. Translation Quality

MarsHub uses advanced quality assurance systems and tools that provide good quality translations to its clients. They incorporate translation memories and glossaries to generate in-context translations keeping the brand voice consistent across all regions. Moreover, agile translation management speeds up operations and optimizes the workflow to deliver expected outcomes to clients in the fastest turnaround.

4. Quick Insights

With MarsHub, businesses and LSPs can easily monitor all activities on their project in real time. Everything is transparent, so you would know exactly what is happening on your localization project. Moreover, you’ll also get regular reports and useful insights on your project progress. As a result, businesses can easily track the progress of their project and make informed decisions based on their project reports.

5. Open Bids

Unlike any other conventional translation management platform, MarsHub allows its clients to create their own projects, listing down all the requirements. Once the project is created, you can invite the language service providers of your choice to bid on your project. Based on your project demand and budget, you can compare different translation vendors while choosing the best language service provider for your project. This way, clients would have complete control over their project development and budget.

How MarsHub Ensures Translation Quality?

This global localization management platform has everything that a business would need to produce quality translations. The professional linguists at MarsHub use state-of-the-art technology to enable businesses’ smooth entry into a foreign market. It is a user-friendly platform with advanced features that allow enterprises, LSPs, and linguists to have a flawless localization experience. They also provide in-context translations in more than 150 different languages with the best quality.

1. Professional Translators

Although there are a lot of MT tools out there, MarsHub believes in striking the balance between human intellect and technology. All translations are initially done by professional linguistics and translators to give your content a more human-like feel. The translators are not just bilinguals and native speakers but also have good experience in the translation field. Below are the few eligibility criteria, on which you can hire translators:

  1. Must have fair experience working in the professional localization field.
  2. The translator should be a native speaker of the targeted language
  3. Expert in the industry (i.e., tech, games, software), for which he has to translate the content.
  4. Should have a professional translation portfolio of previously done projects

This is the minimum criteria for all successful translators to work on MarsHub translation projects. The years of experience and qualification of translators have a huge impact on the translation quality. There are fewer chances of errors and mistakes in the translation, as a result, you don’t have to waste time proofreading and editing the content. So, hiring an experienced and talented translator is the first step of MarsHub towards excellent translations.

2. Translation Memory

When it comes to translating the content, word-to-word translation is not enough. Considering the purpose of your brand localization, you have to capture the attention of maximum customers, and it would only be possible if your translations are up to the mark. With MarsHub, you will always get in-context translations. They only change the language, without altering the real intent and context of the original message. With their advanced translation tools and translation memory databases, they always double-check the context of translations to sync them with the actual text.

Translation memories use the previously done translation of a brand as a reference to produce more translations. It also makes the translation process even more automated and agile. So, you don’t have to worry, whether or not your translated content is targeting the customers the right way.

3. Glossaries

Translation glossaries are the vocabulary of your brand. Every brand has its own vocabulary, which we call brand voice. MarsHub believes in maintaining the consistency of the brand through such glossaries. The clients, or the project team, can make the glossaries to help translators better understand the product’s nature and how it speaks to the targeted audiences.

These glossaries include acronyms, industry-specific terms, abbreviations, commonly used words, and words that must not be translated. MarsHub always recommends its clients build a brand glossary to maintain a consistent brand image in the global market. This way, the brand voice remains unchanged throughout the world.

4. Style Guides

The translation is a critical task because translating your content from one language to another can seriously impact the brand’s image, if not done right. Style guides help the translator follow your brand tone and help you maintain a robust brand image in the market. While translating the content, it is also important to consider what your targeted audiences should feel about the brand. Moreover, make sure you are not altering that feeling while translating the content.

Through MarsHub, you can always discuss the style guide with your clients to understand the tone, expressions, and terms that a brand uses.

5. Advanced Localization Tools

The translation quality is directly linked to the speed and efficiency of your localization project. Higher workloads and complicated translation processes are not just time-consuming but also lead to mistakes and errors in the translations. MarsHub uses an advanced TMS system to streamline the translation tasks and optimize the workflows. Moreover, these tools do not just reduce the workload of the employees, but also enhance their work efficiency.

No manual file management, it’s all automated in this platform. MarsHub employs innovative TMS and CAT tools to generate high-quality translations in the fastest turnaround time. Having smart machines and tools in place also allows translation teams to finish localization projects on time without missing any deadlines. So, it also helps MarsHub satisfy the needs of their clients and keeps them coming back to their platform for future localization projects.

6. Quality Assurance

The content translated by a professional translator undergoes many other quality checks to eliminate all errors and maintain the quality standard. MarsHub incorporates smart translation quality assurance processes to ensure content quality and context. The translated content is proofread and edited by professional linguists and machines to detect all errors. The translation quality checks, before content approval, are also performed by linguists and quality assurance systems.

Combining the expertise of both humans and machines, MarsHub helps to get excellent quality translations. Once you have removed all the grammatical, linguistic, logical, and contextual mistakes, and the transition is error-free, it is all approved by project managers and delivered to the clients.

Summing Up!

In short, MarsHub is a modern, cloud-based localization management platform that is certainly enabling businesses’ global expansions. From building a robust business localization plan to executing the plan, MarsHub would completely take over your localization project. Partnering with a reliable localization service provider always saves you time and money. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with troublesome translation management operations, and as you are not hiring full-time translators and linguists, it’ll save you a lot of money.

The best thing about MarsHub is that it gets the clients involved in the localization process to keep things transparent and achieve expected outcomes.

If you’re thinking of taking your business to international markets, you can consider partnering with MarsHub. It is a trusted localization management platform that would drive your business growth and guide you through global expansion.

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