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Why Hire Linguists With MarsHub?


Full control over localization project execution

  • Linguists are rated as per their performance for a better experience for clients You can divide your projects into subtasks, and execute them as per your need
  • You will get complete control of creating and executing workflow for each task
  • A project can be handled by users of different roles like admin, project manager, and vendor manager, making it easier to manage all internal and external teams.

Maximum cost optimization

  • MT handles all the previous translations, thus, you don't have to pay for repeated words and phrases MarsHub is capable of combining machine and human translation for better cost optimization
  • MarsHub has a wide range of linguists that can fit into any budget

Quality results directly from the natives

  • Linguists on MarsHub are native professional-level translators
  • Transparent rating system for linguists based on real clients reviews
  • MarsHub is integrated with translation quality assessment to ensure high-quality and accurate outcomes.

High-end Security

  • End-to-end encryption for a secure user data management
  • Personalized access rights to your MarsHub account
  • Strong internal security policies for all stakeholders; and payments are only released when you're satisfied with work.