Frequently Asked Questions


Learn about our robust localization management platform.

MarsHub is an all-in-one localization management platform offering countless features. Unlike many other platforms, it covers all kinds of localization projects including websites, software, and documents.

Using the multi-role support, you can work as a Client, Vendor, or linguist and use different features available for different roles.

The bidding feature is designed to help clients optimize project costs. You can open your projects to bid, review different proposals, and accept the affordable ones. Moreover, the availability of centralized translation memory helps reduce the cost for different translation projects.

Designed with special attention to detail, MarsHub helps overcome every localization challenge you may face as a client, vendor, or linguist. Using this platform helps improve overall productivity, functional efficiency, and turnaround time. The organized structure and 24/7 availability make sure you have a hassle-free experience.

We are only charging $ 0.015 per word processed on the platform.


Find out how MarsHub is assisting large enterprises and SMEs in localization management.

Yes, you can! Here, at MarsHub, you can create as many projects as you want and start them simultaneously. We have made project management easier, faster, and more reliable!

Yes, of course! You can invite your trusted translation vendors to sign up with us, and they can use our platform to complete your projects.

Yes, you can! MarsHub allows you to chat with different LSPs and facilitates seamless communication for better results.

MarsHub is designed to be a one-stop solution for all your localization projects. From documents to software and websites, you can manage all kinds of big and small localization projects with enhanced ease.

No. We provide you with a platform where you can access and choose top vendors of your choice and manage your projects easily.


Learn how you can get more global clients with MarsHub.

Yes, of course! At MarsHub, you can start and manage multiple projects simultaneously. We have made project management easy and efficient. You can easily manage multiple teams for different projects.

MarsHub supports over 120 languages that cover around 90% percent of the languages that are spoken across the world.

Many top linguists are listed with us. You can review their profiles, read some testimonials, and onboard the competent ones for your teams.

No, you can bid on unlimited projects that clients list on our portal.

Absolutely yes! We don’t charge you to sign up with us, it is totally free to set up your profile.


Improve your portfolio, get connected with global LSPs.

That’s up to you. There’s no limit to the number of services that you can add to your profile. So make sure you complete your profile carefully and list all your services to increase your chances of being hired by renowned LSPs.

Not at all! It’s totally free to sign up with MarsHub.

Here at MarsHub, you can get a chance to work with known LSPs. Several translation vendors look for competent linguists for their projects. Joining us will help you get connected with them.

There is no restriction from our end. However, it depends on the LSPs you work with. You can take projects from different vendors at a time.