How To Evaluate Machine Translation Quality

How To Evaluate Machine Translation Quality

The quality of your translation has a huge impact on your company’s reputation in the international market. It is important for the brands to generate high-quality translations for their businesses’ content because it is going to have a direct impact … Read More

Future of Translation Industry

The Future of the Translation Industry

There was a time when Google Translate was the only translation tool people knew; even the companies would use this open-source tool for creating the brand translation. Lack of knowledge and ignoring the significance of professional translation has led to … Read More

Translation Industry Trends 2022

Translation Industry Trends 2022

Covid-19 has greatly influenced businesses around the world. From 2020 till date, things have changed a lot for the translation industry just like any other sector. Fortunately, unlike other industries that suffered great losses during the pandemic, things are going … Read More

The Importance of Translations for Building International Brands

The Importance of Translations for Building International Brands

Companies spend millions of dollars, plenty of time, and a lot of effort creating and building their brands. To develop a solid brand, you have to do in-depth market research, and understand the psychologies of your customers. A lot of … Read More

How Can MarsHub Help Localization Vendors Ensure Translation Quality

How Can MarsHub Help Localization Vendors Ensure Translation Quality?

If you’re a global business targeting multiple markets, you would know how important brand localization is for your business international growth. There are a lot of translation challenges businesses have to tackle, including incorrect translations, grammatical errors, out-of-content, misinterpretation, wrong … Read More

Translation and Localization Difference

Translation vs Localization: What’s The Difference?

Making your brand successful in the international market is not a hard nut to crack. The global competition is becoming intenser, making global business expansion even more challenging. When it comes to launching your brand to the international market, you … Read More

Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Translating your content requires extensive research, good linguistic skills, and a lot of hard work & resources. As we know, global businesses need volumes of translations in multiple languages to cope with the demands of global markets. When it comes to translating … Read More

cloud-based cat tool

Why Cloud-Based CAT Tool is Great for Translation Agencies?

Globalization has dramatically changed the way business operates. It opens up tons of new opportunities for businesses growth, but on the flip side, makes it hard for them to survive in global markets. The global business expansion increased the need … Read More

Translation Management

Translation Management: Importance, Key Features & Benefits

Business localization for global marketplaces comes up with enormous opportunities for companies, such as increased ROI and higher revenue. As your business grows, the demand for translated content and localization process also increases. It can result in higher workloads and … Read More

business need a translation management system

Why Does Your Business Need a Translation Management System?

Content translation is not just about exchanging words from one language to another. Your overall brand experience in a foreign market totally depends on how well you have localized your content. Companies are spending their precious time and resources on … Read More

Cloud-based TMS is Great for Translation Companies

Why is Cloud-Based TMS Great for Translation Companies?

Doing business on a global scale opens up loads of opportunities for your brand, and it also increases the demand for your products and services in the international markets. Although, you have to provide excellent product quality with optimized brand … Read More

How to Maximize ROI in Language Translation - MarsHub

How to Maximize ROI in Language Translation

The purpose of every business, regardless of the industry it is in, is to earn profit and secure a sustainable and continuous stream of return on investment. That is the basic thumb rule of the corporate vision in this prevalent … Read More