Article Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? A Complete Guide

Most people have their very first introduction to artificial intelligence from sci-fiction movies. And this is the main reason why there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about AI. Just because some Hollywood movies have over-exaggerated the whole concept … Read More

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Significance & Impact on Global Businesses

Natural language processing (NLP) is a sort of artificial intelligence technology that is going to dominate the translation industry and global communication worldwide. Computers and machines don’t really think or process in terms of the languages that humans speak. They … Read More

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities – Adapting to New Reality

The world has just been through a pandemic that has not just changed our lifestyles, but the entire business industry globally. With a major drop in consumer demand, many businesses have suffered great losses, and some of them even closed … Read More

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China_

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China?

China is the world’s second-largest economy and a profitable marketplace for global businesses. But unfortunately, the country is not so welcoming for foreign companies. China is a challenging place for outsiders because of high political influence and trade restrictions. Thousands … Read More

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald's

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald’s

World food traditions are colliding with each other, and people are now becoming more open to new flavors and cuisines. However, when it comes to your comfort food, it has to be local, traditional, and convenient. This is what McDonald’s … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization – i18n

Software internationalization is all about adapting the user experiences based on the language they speak and the culture they belong to. All brands that want to reach global markets, should keep their products culture appropriate, so the native audiences can … Read More

Top 5 Brands with Outstanding Localization Strategies

Top 5 Brands with Outstanding Localization Strategies

We are living in the world of free markets, high consumerism, and globalization. It is a great time for businesses to explore new markets and spread their roots around the globe. The internet has literally transformed the world for good. … Read More

Localized Content Help Netflix Go Viral

How Does Localized Content Help Netflix Go Viral?

Netflix is a media-streaming platform that has taken over not just the digital content markets, but the entire entertainment industry. Over the past few years, especially during COVID-19, Netflix has achieved rapid success and reached over 214 million subscribers in … Read More

Localization Helped KFC Become a Global Sensation

How Localization Helped KFC Become a Global Sensation?

Big companies are looking for more ways to connect with their customers on a global level. The consumerism culture and globalization open up loads of opportunities for fast food companies to expand their brands to foreign markets. Leading companies are … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions

5 Best New Year’s Resolutions for Project Managers

Have you made any new year’s resolutions? The year 2022 is almost here, and hopefully, this upcoming year will be full of blessings and success for all. Even though not many of us stick to these revolutions for long, still, … Read More

global marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Gone are the times, when only big multinational companies would need a global marketing strategy to expand their businesses. Now the business world is becoming fairer and more favorable towards small businesses as well. Regardless of the business size and … Read More

Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Best Online Translation Tools and Resources

Translating your content requires extensive research, good linguistic skills, and a lot of hard work & resources. At least this is what most businesses believe.  As we know, global businesses need volumes of translations in multiple languages to cope up … Read More