Best Localization Lessons From 6 Finest Brands [2022]

We are living in an era of massive globalization. In this world of free markets with fewer trade restrictions, businesses get enormous opportunities to take over international markets. However, it is not that easy and simple as it may sound. … Read More

Do I Need a Translation Management System?

Taking your brand to new markets means your content translation needs are going to increase significantly. And it will keep growing rapidly as you expand your market share in the region. To cope with the growing translation needs you must … Read More

Why Do Some Businesses Resist Adopting a Translation Management System (TMS)?

Businesses have been doing brand translations for a long time, machine translation is comparatively a recent concept though. Before machine translation tools, human translations are the only hope for businesses to translate their content before taking it into a foreign … Read More

Translation Management Systems: How to Choose the Right TMS?

How does a translation management system help your business grow? How do choose the right TMS and what factors must be taken into account? Read on to find it all! What is Translation Management Systems? A translation management systems is a tool used to generate translations into multiple languages with minimal … Read More

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Why are Translation Management Systems Important Today?

Localization is becoming more and more important for businesses that want to scale internationally. Competition is getting intense, and with all the business opportunities, capturing market share in foreign countries is still not easy at all. Fortunately, there are fewer … Read More

Exploring the NLP in Global Communication

Natural language processing (NLP) technology is now becoming a significant part of AI-powered systems and machines. NLP is an amazing technology that allows humans to interact with AI systems more efficiently. It allows the computer systems to recognize human speech, … Read More

Article Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? A Complete Guide

Most people have their very first introduction to artificial intelligence from sci-fiction movies. And this is the main reason why there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about AI. Just because some Hollywood movies have over-exaggerated the whole concept … Read More

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Significance & Impact on Global Businesses

Natural language processing (NLP) is a sort of artificial intelligence technology that is going to dominate the translation industry and global communication worldwide. Computers and machines don’t really think or process in terms of the languages that humans speak. They … Read More

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities – Adapting to New Reality

The world has just been through a pandemic that has not just changed our lifestyles, but the entire business industry globally. With a major drop in consumer demand, many businesses have suffered great losses, and some of them even closed … Read More

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China_

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China?

China is the world’s second-largest economy and a profitable marketplace for global businesses. But unfortunately, the country is not so welcoming for foreign companies. China is a challenging place for outsiders because of high political influence and trade restrictions. Thousands … Read More

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald's

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald’s

World food traditions are colliding with each other, and people are now becoming more open to new flavors and cuisines. However, when it comes to your comfort food, it has to be local, traditional, and convenient. This is what McDonald’s … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization – i18n

Software internationalization is all about adapting the user experiences based on the language they speak and the culture they belong to. All brands that want to reach global markets, should keep their products culture appropriate, so the native audiences can … Read More