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15 Best Translation Management Software Tools

15 Best Translation Management Software Tools

Translation management software, is it really worth the hype?

We know globalization is the dream of every business, but adopting your brand to every audience’s needs could be challenging. The demand for brand localization is higher than ever due to the growing demands of this multi-linguistic and multicultural world. It is also only with localization and translations that you can overcome the barriers of language and cultural differences. For this reason, localization management platforms are upgrading the translation management software to extract the best possible results. As the translation management systems are designed to make the translation process easier without human interference.

Translation Management Software

Translation management software (TMS) is designed to manage the localization and translation of language assets. It is a software program that makes the translation process quicker and faster. For instance, if you need to handle a project on a big scale or your business needs to translate a large volume of text into various languages and dialects, this kind of complexity can only be handled with the help of advanced TMS. Its features help store and edit the translation, and translate the projects section-wise. Moreover, it makes terminology management quite simple, creating, and using terms and translation memories for your project. In all this translation process, CAT tools enriched with advanced features help you manage glossaries, self-styled guides, and quality assurance. Also, machine translation is another important feature of TMS that helps translate the content automatically if used before and get matched with the already present strings.

15 Famous Translation Management Software

Here are the most demanding professional translation management systems that would make your translation project management journey hassle-free and smooth. Choose your best translation management software from the top fifteen picks of 2022.

Translation Software Tools Specialized Features
  • Lokalise
  • Integrated tools like GitHub
  • Cloud-based translation management system
  • Memsource
  • CAT tools
  • 30 machine engines
  • MarsHub
  • Cloud-based translation management system
  • Centralization
  • Transifex
  • Automation
  • In-context translation
  • Crowdin
  • SaaS software
  • Smartling
  • Native integrations
  • Famous CMS
  • PhraseAPP
  • In-context editor
  • Wordbee
  • API mechanism
  • Enriched CAT tools
  • Plunet Business Manager
  • Quality management system
  • Smartcat
  • Al-powered
  • Hybrid machine-human workflow
  • SDL Trados
  • Customized workflows
  • Automation technology
  • Globalizet
  • End to end solution for windows
  • LingoHub
  • Automated checks
  • Xtm Cloud
  • Automation
  • Cloud-based system
  • Easy Translate
  • Quality assurance checker


The most distinguished name in the localization industry is Lokalise. It’s a translation and localization management platform that offers automation, fast delivery of projects, and transparency in the workflow. Lokalise uses a cloud-based translation management system through which every team member can get access to localization projects from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, this system enhances productivity by leveraging computer-assisted tools (CAT) features like glossary creation, translation memory, machine translation, and QA automation to ensure quality. By all means, this system has made the translation and localization dream possible via its integrated tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, and many more. This is also regarded as the preferred localization tool of more than 2000 companies.


Memosource is another translation management system that is associated with Computer-assisted tools (CAT). It is designed for use across the globe. It is a combination of artificial intelligence with traditional translation technology. This system uses machine translation (MT), one of the remarkable features to save time and cost in this rapidly changing world. Because it recognizes the content if it is already present in machine translation before assigning it to human translators. So, the supportive features of its TMS software make Memosource one of the most reliable options in the localization industry. It also supports 500 languages with more than 30 machine translation (MT) engines.


MarsHub is another prominent name standing in the localization industry. It is a 360° Localization management platform that offers an all-in-one solution. Marshub translation management software also has cloud-based technology along with self-style glossary creation and translation memory. Apart from its remarkable TMS features, having a centralized system allows project managers, translators, business owners, and developers to communicate and have access at the same time. Moreover, to provide business management solutions, this system supports custom workflows for every individual project.


Transifex provides all-in-one solutions to problems that are difficult to handle. This company has software that has a distinguished name in the localization industry. It enables linguistics and translators to localize mobile apps, desktop apps, and websites in a flexible manner. It also helps to manage language files easily like XLIFF, and YamI. Along with it, translation memory, continuous localization, in-context editor, translation glossary, and automation process are enriched features of this system. However, Transifex is offering hassle-free worldwide services because of its cloud-based TMS along with native human translators and content management systems.


Crowdin is a multi-functional translation management software having features such as collaboration for websites, software, project tracking, permission management, quality control, translation analytics, translator database, workflow management, localization automation, and machine translation. In this way, its TMS is cloud-based for the localization management process and is available as SaaS software. Furthermore, it is designed for technological companies and used by many technical enterprises like Huawei, and Avast. These enterprises are also providing translation services in almost every corner of the world, all thanks to Crowdin TMS.


Another translation software allows translators to translate and localize the content across diverse devices. With its advanced features, TMS is designed to give services to SMEs and business agencies. This online software also offers translation analytics, project tracking, machine translation, and resource management in one place, all thanks to its cloud-based TMS. Moreover, this software has native integration available for famous content management systems (CMS), support portals, and code repositories in order to make language localization across all of your assets. Moreover, smartling is an ideal choice for various B2B and B2C business enterprises.


The most absolute name built for software developers. A translation management software that allows direct communication with the translators. The in-context editor is embedded in it which is responsible for examining the context of the translation. Consequently, it provides greater insights to prevent language and linguistic errors. PhraseApp TMS is also integrated with many advanced tools like GitHub and Slack. Furthermore, it organizes the localization task and outsources visions from a global source which makes it one of the best choices when one has to go for an efficient translation management system.


Another popular cloud-based translation management system comes up in the form of Wordbee. This software is integrated with advanced CAT tools and provides a flexible web-based solution with zero installation required to operate it. Moreover, it has a strong API mechanism that enables translators to interact with the saved data in the Wordbee translator platform. It organized the translation process by making collaboration with virtual teams faster, more manageable, and easier. Its end-to-end system helps to manage complex multilingual projects with real-time communication, high-quality standards, and automation. It also offers a workflow for various types of projects like business documents, games, marketing material, and apps.

Plunet Business Manager

Besides Wordbee, Plunet Business Manager provides a high degree of automation and flexibility for language service providers all across the world. This TMS software uses a web-based platform that integrates translation software, a quality management system, and accounting. Business startups and SMEs are getting translation benefits from it. Moreover, this online TMS provides a translator database, CRM marketing management, workflow management, and Invoicing in one place.


Smartcat was named one of the most famous Al-powered platforms. Its cloud-based system provides tools like glossaries, dictionaries, machine translation engines, and translation memory helps to connect linguistics with enterprises and customers. Also, the functionality of these features is quite enough to boost the localization services for global needs. It offers a hybrid human-machine workflow in order to get translation speedy and contextual-wise. Furthermore, owing to its prolific translation management system Samartcat is making localization three times faster

SDL Trados

SDL Trados is also in the row of a leading translation management system. Its computer-assisted Translation (CAT) tools manage the language service providers ( LSPs) to provide the translation services fast with higher quality assurance. Also, its system has advanced linguistic system technology, customized workflow, and automated process for each project. In this way, SDL Trados is giving productive translation services across the globe.


Apart from SDL Trados, Globalizelt is a fully enriched translation management software made to offer Enterprises and business startups. It also provides end-to-end solutions for windows and offers services of language interpretation, translation, transcription, editing, proofreading, and localization. Quality control, translation analytics, and collaboration at one platform are provided by its online TMS. Also, its online and advanced software is offering translation services 24/7.


Besides the Globalizelt, LingoHub holds a distinguished name when it comes to the best and most reliable translation management system. This system offers machine translation, translation memory, automated checks, and customized databases in order to ensure the quality of translating the content. This effective system helps to create texts and translation projects in one compartment. Moreover, LingoHub TMS features like quality assurance review all the changes to organize the quality of translation.

Xtm Cloud

Another remarkable software is Xtm Cloud, which is incorporated with intelligent automation, localization process automation, and centralization. Its automation process removes the hectic manual tasks and completes the translation process at a rapid speed. Moreover, its cloud-based technology offers order management, version control, and terminology management. This software also has proved itself as a central hub to connect enterprises in a systematic order in this globalized world.

Easy Translate

Besides the Xtm Cloud, Easy translate is another remarkable and authentic TMS in upgrading the translation services right on point. Tracking the quality of content by quality assurance tracker, pace up the translation through automation process, customized workflows for every project, translation memory to reuse the already translated data, and decrease the turnaround time of machine translation. Due to all its advanced and enriched features, its TMS gives extra power to your translation.

What is the Best TMS Software for you?

As translation management software is designed to make the localization dream possible. The above-mentioned software is providing efficient, faster, and easier translation services all around the globe. For intense, if you have to deal with a multilingual website, you have to go for the multilingual content management system and machine translation along with CAT tools. Furthermore, the API mechanism in addition to the cloud-based translation management system enriches the functionality and productivity of any TMS. So, in order to get productive results in the translation process, one should have keen insight while choosing the best TMS system. The Software which is enriched with all distinguished features will definitely give sound services. For instance, MarsHub is a prolific localization management platform that is providing solutions to all stakeholders in one forum. Moreover, Its cloud-based technology, customized workflow, and ease of communication let one meet the industrial requirements.

Concluding Note

There is no denying the fact that translating the content is a tedious and hectic task. There always remains room for mistakes. Because just translating the text from one language to another is not enough, the translation should be according to the context. This contextual-based translation makes localization not a simple task if you are dealing at the global level. Moreover, you have to deal with multilingual platforms. For this reason, there are many translation management software to facilitate the localization and translation tasks. Because translation management software allows and facilitates effective communication among project managers, translators, and marketers. In addition to communication facilities, TMS features provide an advanced methodology for managing and transferring content. In a nutshell, this article has dug out some of the best TMSs in order to let our readers know which system is best for their localization process.

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