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Translation Industry Trends 2022

Translation Industry Trends 2022

Covid-19 has greatly influenced businesses around the world. From 2020 till date, things have changed a lot for the translation industry just like any other sector. Fortunately, unlike other industries that suffered great losses during the pandemic, things are going … Read More

How To Localize a Website Faster - MarsHub

How to Localize a Website Faster?

Digitization has enabled businesses, all around the world, to reach global audiences more conveniently and effectively than ever. Internet technology has made it super easy for companies to reach international markets and sell their products and services to global customers. … Read More

Localization Helped KFC Become a Global Sensation

How Localization Helped KFC Become a Global Sensation?

Big companies are looking for more ways to connect with their customers on a global level. The consumerism culture and globalization open up loads of opportunities for fast food companies to expand their brands to foreign markets. Leading companies are … Read More

How Localization Increase Sales Worldwide

How Localization Increase Sales Worldwide

The Challenge Of Business Expansion One of the biggest challenges an organization can take upon is to expand its business to a global scale. The purpose behind this initiative is to attain new customers.  Acquiring new customers does not only … Read More

Translation Management

Translation Management: Importance, Key Features & Benefits

Business localization for global marketplaces comes up with enormous opportunities for companies, such as increased ROI and higher revenue. As your business grows, the demand for translated content and localization process also increases. It can result in higher workloads and … Read More

How to choose the best Language Service Provider (LSP)

How to Choose the Best Language Service Provider (LSP)

Expansion Into Foreign Markets Expansion into the international market is a dream every business endeavors to pursue. Building an organization from scratch and then penetrating foreign markers is not an easy task. One has to overcome a lot of challenges.  … Read More

How to Maximize ROI in Language Translation - MarsHub

How to Maximize ROI in Language Translation

The purpose of every business, regardless of the industry it is in, is to earn profit and secure a sustainable and continuous stream of return on investment. That is the basic thumb rule of the corporate vision in this prevalent … Read More

Software Internationalization How Does It Help Your Global Expansion

Software Internationalization: How Does It Help Your Global Expansion?

Internationalization and localization are used interchangeably by most people. Do you think they are synonyms? Actually, they’re not. Both terms are related but certainly not identical. Localization is a process of translating the content and modifying the designs to make … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Website Localization in 8 Steps

The Ultimate Guide to Website Localization in 8 Steps

Your website is the digital front door of your online business, and you should build it in a way that your global audiences feel welcomed. To capture the attention of international audiences, the localization of your website is probably the … Read More

Why Localization Services is Important for your Business

Why Localization Services is Important for your Business?

In this era of globalization, people can search and buy products from anywhere around the world. This is because all digital information is present in their native language. The first thing that Entrepreneurs do to expand their business outside the … Read More

Upcoming Localization Industry Events to Attend MarsHub

10 Upcoming Localization Industry Events to Attend

The changing trends in the localization industry demand you to stay updated with the latest technology and tools. From freelance linguists to copywriters, project managers, and LSPs, everyone should pay attention to improve their productivity, and attending the following events … Read More

15 tips freelance translator should know about marshub

15 Tips Freelance Translator Should Know

Every job needs some skills, experience, and knowledge to be successful. Not everyone is lucky enough to build an empire or software house without getting higher education. However, translation is a crucial job. It must be handled comprehensively and precisely. … Read More