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Why Localization Services is Important for your Business

Why Localization Services is Important for your Business?

In this era of globalization, people can search and buy products from anywhere around the world. This is because all digital information is present in their native language. The first thing that Entrepreneurs do to expand their business outside the … Read More

Upcoming Localization Industry Events to Attend MarsHub

10 Upcoming Localization Industry Events to Attend

The changing trends in the localization industry demand you to stay updated with the latest technology and tools. From freelance linguists to copywriters, project managers, and LSPs, everyone should pay attention to improve their productivity, and attending the following events … Read More

15 tips freelance translator should know about marshub

15 Tips Freelance Translator Should Know

Every job needs some skills, experience, and knowledge to be successful. Not everyone is lucky enough to build an empire or software house without getting higher education. However, translation is a crucial job. It must be handled comprehensively and precisely. … Read More

localization glossary marshub

Localization Glossary: Terms You Need to Know

Industry experts love to use certain terminologies that others might not understand but the business experts do. The use of certain words, phrases, or acronyms can startle someone who does not have any idea about it. But in the world … Read More

10 best multi language translation devices marshub

10 Best Multi-Language Translation Devices

Various languages have been spoken in different parts of the world since times immemorial. Moreover, with the advent of globalization, language issues have become more conspicuous. To overcome this glaring issue, many multi-language translation devices have been made for human … Read More

one stop solution for localization management marshub

One-Stop Solution for Localization Management

The world has taken its route towards digitization. It is moving ahead at a rapid pace. Anyone who wants to survive in this competitive world market needs to tighten his belt accordingly. With the dramatic shift that the world has … Read More

top 10 famous linguists in the world - MarsHub

Top 10 Famous Linguists in the World

Linguistics – a Brief History: The first known work about the structure of languages is present in early Indian Vedic texts. These texts suggest that language comprises sentences that go through four stages of evolution in three tenses—past, present, and … Read More

7 features of a collaborative translation platform-marshub

7 Features of a Collaborative Translation Platform

Translation is becoming one of the fastest evolving industries in 2021. It is not so surprising. The use of online translation tools like CAT is becoming more common. Although the hybrid approach is the most common form of translation these … Read More