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Article Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence? A Complete Guide

Most people have their very first introduction to artificial intelligence from sci-fiction movies. And this is the main reason why there are a lot of misconceptions and confusion about AI. Just because some Hollywood movies have over-exaggerated the whole concept … Read More

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) – Significance & Impact on Global Businesses

Natural language processing (NLP) is a sort of artificial intelligence technology that is going to dominate the translation industry and global communication worldwide. Computers and machines don’t really think or process in terms of the languages that humans speak. They … Read More

Future of Translation Industry

The Future of the Translation Industry

There was a time when Google Translate was the only translation tool people knew; even the companies would use this open-source tool for creating the brand translation. Lack of knowledge and ignoring the significance of professional translation has led to … Read More

Businesses Need a Localization Project

Why Do Businesses Need a Localization Project Manager?

The demand for localization services is growing continuously, and the localization industry is expected to hit $73.6 billion by 2025. The rapid business globalization and pandemic have unlocked tons of opportunities for the translation industry. Localization plays a major role … Read More

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China_

How Does Coca-Cola Survive in China?

China is the world’s second-largest economy and a profitable marketplace for global businesses. But unfortunately, the country is not so welcoming for foreign companies. China is a challenging place for outsiders because of high political influence and trade restrictions. Thousands … Read More

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald's

Mastering The Art of Localization with McDonald’s

World food traditions are colliding with each other, and people are now becoming more open to new flavors and cuisines. However, when it comes to your comfort food, it has to be local, traditional, and convenient. This is what McDonald’s … Read More

Top 4 Tips to do Your Brand Localization Like A Pro

Top 4 Tips to do Your Brand Localization Like A Pro

Everyone knows how important localization is for the success of your business in global markets. But the real question is, where to start? What exactly does a company need to make its brand succeed globally? Every company has its own … Read More

Localized Content Help Netflix Go Viral

How Does Localized Content Help Netflix Go Viral?

Netflix is a media-streaming platform that has taken over not just the digital content markets, but the entire entertainment industry. Over the past few years, especially during COVID-19, Netflix has achieved rapid success and reached over 214 million subscribers in … Read More

global marketing strategy

Global Marketing Strategy: A Complete Guide

Gone are the times, when only big multinational companies would need a global marketing strategy to expand their businesses. Now the business world is becoming fairer and more favorable towards small businesses as well. Regardless of the business size and … Read More

business need a translation management system

Why Does Your Business Need a Translation Management System?

Content translation is not just about exchanging words from one language to another. Your overall brand experience in a foreign market totally depends on how well you have localized your content. Companies are spending their precious time and resources on … Read More

what is game localization the ultimate guide

What is the Game Localization? The Ultimate Guide

Do you know, the game industry is expected to reach $256.97 billion by 2025, which means there will be around 2.5 billion video games players globally. Video gaming is a billion-dollar industry, and it is growing rapidly around the world. Gaming … Read More

Professional Translation Software Recommended by Translators Marshub

10 Professional Translation Software Recommended by Translators

The global world is very fast. To keep up with the pace of this fast world, you don’t only need accurate translation services, but translation at a fast pace. Here the question is: How can you get accurate translation services … Read More