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6 Advantages of Using a Translation Management System (TMS)

In a global business landscape, language barriers can put a full stop to your business expansion plans. How you communicate with your customers, how resonating your brand is, and how well you can deliver your message to your customers, are … Read More

Upcoming Translation and Localization Conferences in 2022

Online conferences and events were in full swing during COVID times. Some of you might like to be in the comfort of your home, while others are missing out on the warmth and vibes of physical conferences. The past two … Read More

Localization Management Insights: 14 Mistakes & Myths to Avoid

Localization seems quite simple and easy. Just do translations, make some cultural tweaks to your brand, and you are good to go in any foreign market. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it may sound. This is why many … Read More

Exploring the NLP in Global Communication

Natural language processing (NLP) technology is now becoming a significant part of AI-powered systems and machines. NLP is an amazing technology that allows humans to interact with AI systems more efficiently. It allows the computer systems to recognize human speech, … Read More

Translation Memory and Glossaries - MarsHub

How to Improve Productivity with Translation Memory and Glossaries

Any business that wants to expand its roots in the global marketplace should know the significance of translations. Localization is the only way businesses can connect with global audiences and optimize their overall experience with their brand. The demand for … Read More

What Is Translation Workflow Management Marshub

What is Translation Workflow Management? How to Optimize it?

Everyone is talking about business globalization. Creating a multilingual online brand presence is becoming more and more important for businesses these days. The need for effective translation management infrastructures and workflow optimization is increasing to build global brands.  Your translation … Read More

How To Evaluate Machine Translation Quality

How To Evaluate Machine Translation Quality

The quality of your translation has a huge impact on your company’s reputation in the international market. It is important for the brands to generate high-quality translations for their businesses’ content because it is going to have a direct impact … Read More

Metaverse Content Localization

Metaverse Content Localization Explained

What if someone gives you a key to get inside your favorite sci-fi movie? Where you can interact and be any character of your choice. Wouldn’t it be amazing? It might sound like a crazy idea from Frederik Pohl’s novels, but … Read More

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities

Post-COVID Business Growth Opportunities – Adapting to New Reality

The world has just been through a pandemic that has not just changed our lifestyles, but the entire business industry globally. With a major drop in consumer demand, many businesses have suffered great losses, and some of them even closed … Read More

The Importance of Translations for Building International Brands

The Importance of Translations for Building International Brands

Companies spend millions of dollars, plenty of time, and a lot of effort creating and building their brands. To develop a solid brand, you have to do in-depth market research, and understand the psychologies of your customers. A lot of … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization

The Ultimate Guide to Software Internationalization – i18n

Software internationalization is all about adapting the user experiences based on the language they speak and the culture they belong to. All brands that want to reach global markets, should keep their products culture appropriate, so the native audiences can … Read More

Top 5 Brands with Outstanding Localization Strategies

Top 5 Brands with Outstanding Localization Strategies

We are living in the world of free markets, high consumerism, and globalization. It is a great time for businesses to explore new markets and spread their roots around the globe. The internet has literally transformed the world for good. … Read More